Reading of the Month – April 2020

Know Yourself as Force and Matter

When we recommend study of the books published by the worldwide headquarters of Rationalism Christian it is because in them people will find convincing explanations of what human beings evolving on Earth are constituted, simply put, by a spirit, a fluidic body and a physical body. When they understand why they are emanations of Universal Intelligence, when they understand their astral and physical composition, they will accept themselves as force and matter, which is the philosophical basis of Christian Rationalism.

Knowing themselves as force and matter, people are able to use the sensitivity they have as one of their spiritual attributes, although it is more or less refined due to the evolutionary level of each one. But they are all sensitive, since they all have, without exception, intuitive mediumship, an innate spiritual faculty that also varies according to the growth they acquire in the multiple existences they pass through on the planet-school Earth.

In force and matter life is summarized and explained in its broad and constructive aspect. Therefore, it is important for people to deepen their knowledge in order to avoid the mistakes that many systematically fall into. If they do not feel and understand what is going on around them, they will not find adequate solutions to the problems that life presents, getting involved with mysticisms, prejudices and discriminations that will disturb their psychic balance.

Therefore, it is essential that everyone walk the path of spirituality with firm and safe steps, confident in themselves and aware that they need to fight for survival in a correct, elevated and persevering way, as there will only be honest and useful material progress when it results from spiritual growth, to
which it is closely associated.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not believe in spiritual life, as they only believe what their eyes see. They are unable to understand that the exacerbated materiality in which they are immersed is limited to the physical plane and remains there, while spirituality is much broader, as it extends far
beyond the Earth, reaching the superior astral planes.

Whoever studies the spirituality that Christian Rationalism defends and disseminates is able to become a victorious person in human relationships, whether in the family circle, in the work environment, in centers of study or in the social sphere that he frequents. How many people turn to Christian Rationalist houses because of their confused lives, not knowing what to do in the face of the problems they are going through! But they do find solutions for themselves as they get stronger and enlightened with regular attendance in public meetings. They change the course of their lives because they gain control over their attitudes and dominance over themselves, when they put reasoning and will into action.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to know yourself as force and matter by studying Christian Rationalism and frequenting Christian Rationalist houses. The guidelines heard and read, if taken seriously, are sure guides for achieving the happiness that everyone wants. The Christian Rationalist
philosophy affirms that happiness is nothing more than having a clear conscience due to well-accomplished duty.

Antonio Cottas


Justice in the Astral Plane

Justice and equity are equivalent, because there is no justice if there is no disposition to also recognize the right of each citizen. Therefore, justice is sometimes flawed on the physical plane, but it never is in the astral plane, where there are no privileges of some to the detriment of others, because
there are no undue advantages in it. This is typical of the earthly environment, in which the evolutionary law of multiple existences of the spirit in the human body is systematically contradicted in its absolute sense, since it is natural and immutable. Hence, free from any dependency or subjection.

However, if connected to the superior planes of spirituality, the human being moves towards spiritual maturity, because he will be more aware of his role on Earth as an evolving spirit, he will have the necessary tranquility to solve the problems that life's struggles produce, always counting on the equity that justice must have.

Every individual has spiritual baggage within himself resulting from the experiences he has undergone in various lifetimes on this physical plane. They are present in his fluidic body and will indicate the course of his ongoing existence. Positive achievements become eternal and serve as a mechanism promoting the elimination of faults existing in the subconscious. Therefore, it is the discarding of past mistakes and the positive present and future experiences that provide greater material progress and spiritual evolution, which always bring greater individual and collective comfort.

What those who frequent Christian Rationalist houses must understand is that the teachings of Christian Rationalism are a reliable way to awaken the spirituality that is contained in each one's innermost self, because in our houses the attendees of public meetings are strengthened and enlightened with this goal. As they study Christian Rationalist philosophy, they realize that they undergo a refreshing of spiritual memory, revealing what they really are: spirits in possession of a physical body dependent on the proper use of free will and willpower, as well as thoughts rationally optimistic for achieving a more tranquil life.

The Universal Whole is continuous vibration, in the same way that thought is a vibration of the spirit and its creative and realizing power, whether or not it possesses a physical body. And how does this happen, we ask? If thoughts are elevated and focused on the practice of goodness, they move through the ocean of fluidic matter that surrounds the Earth as if they were beneficial vibratory waves, in contrast to the harmful influences that result from thoughts of little vibratory force. People will enter in synchrony with vibrations of thoughts of equal content and intensity, resulting thereof in the good or bad spiritual assistance of human beings.

It is a mistake to think that spiritual justice is imperfect, like human justice which is often partial, as we have pointed out. The spiritualist concept of justice is broader, because in it equity is based on a sense of absolute balance and unrestricted equality. Transcendent justice is not subordinate to judgments by judging spirits, but contained in the conscience of each spirit as its own judge in the astral plane, free from the influences of the physical plane, but always assisted by Superior Forces in the decision it will take in relation to its own evolution.

This is the understanding that Christian Rationalism offers to scholars of spirituality as a philosophy of life. It is available to everyone, providing a greater understanding of how spiritual life processes, so that everyone can follow the path of evolution in a safe, profitable and equitable way.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix