Reading of the Month – December 2021

React to Negative Thoughts and Value Personal Development

The history of humanity reveals its continuous spiritual evolution throughout the centuries, despite the fact that a considerable portion of the population has not yet completely eliminated mystical ideas and superstitions from within themselves, keeping generation after generation imprisoned in mysteries, in the supernatural, for not knowing the seemingly obscure transcendent world.

In the early days of civilizations, it was typical of human culture to fear or revere the forces of nature. Phenomena such as hurricanes and earthquakes were considered divine actions or demonstrations of the implacable wrath of the gods punishing their protégés for the cruelties committed against each other.

The total ignorance about the transcendental aspects of life generated many beliefs, such as offerings and sacrifices, including sacrifices of human lives imposed by priests of communities then considered primitive, in order to lessen divine furies.

As the human being evolved over time, greater and better technological knowledge was added, in order to detect early meteorological phenomena and some earthquakes, to create construction techniques capable of withstanding earth tremors and tsunamis, to cope with large storms, as well as to implement appropriate methods of evacuation to safe places for the inhabitants of cities considered to be in a state of environmental vulnerability.

Although all this significant progress of a material nature is the result of the action of human beings already possessing great spiritual evolution, mainly due to their ever innovative creative capacity, the majority of the world population still lacks spiritual enlightenment.

The world would be a better place if there were the understanding of life that Christian Rationalism proposes to all who are interested in the study of spirituality. Coexistence among people would be much more harmonious if they followed its rational philosophical principles and its disciplinary rules of conduct, which lead to spiritual growth that, together with honest and productive work, also guarantees material progress.

But for this to happen, it is necessary for people to change the way they think and act. Only through good thoughts can human beings connect to the positive vibrational fields of evolution. Reaction contrary to negative thoughts and inferior feelings adds value to personal development, while sadness, anger, envy, maliciousness, and so many other inadequate feelings and behaviors harm spiritual evolution, because they attract psychic influences that are harmful to reasoning and will, reducing the ability to make right decisions and solve life’s problems.

It is common for a person to despair, or even lose track of things, when suffering knocks at the door. This makes the bad situation even worse. Instead, one should act in the opposite way, reflecting on the situation and searching within oneself for the solution, through the appropriate use of the innate spiritual attributes one possesses: reasoning, self-control, creative capacity and will, as the motor for aspirations and achievements.

Therefore, to walk with one’s head held high and self-assured is the attitude of one who knows himself as an individualized emanation of Universal Intelligence, possessing, therefore, the same resources as the Universal Whole. Being an evolving spirit, the human being is intelligence, is creative and fulfilling power and, as such, knows how to behave in daily life, doing the daily psychic cleansing, always preceded by fifteen minutes of self-reflection that organizes the day’s planning, making the best use of the teachings that human interrelationship provides.

Make good use of free will, help your fellow men through the practice of goodness, walking the path of evolution with tranquility and security are goals that everyone can achieve. However, nothing falls from the sky as a divine gift, although many people have faith in the graces they expect to receive from supposed protectors. The reality of life shows that spiritual growth requires effort, dedication, perseverance, discipline, and hard work from human beings.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix