Reading of the Month – February 2020

The Need for Spiritualization

Christian Rationalism continues its work of spiritualization of human beings in order to make them increasingly aware of the duties that they have to do on this school planet and the spiritual growth and material progress resulting from their participation in the social context in which they live as particles of Universal Intelligence.

Those who enlighten themselves and put into practice the Christian Rationalist teachings become active co-participants in the phenomenal reality in which the evolutionary process unfolds.

Human beings in general need to become spiritual through strengthening and clarification provided by the actions of the superior forces in Christian Rationalist houses. Already being spiritualized are those who regularly attend public meetings held there, forming vibrational currents that enable psychic cleansing both individually and at a distance, making the Earth’s fluidic atmosphere progressively more diaphanous. And how this fluidic cleansing is needed! In this process of astral sanitation, there are countless spirits sent to their worlds of training, all unconscious of the psychic state in which they find themselves, because they believe they still have their physical body when moving through the inferior astral.

But, we ask: what makes these spirits stick to this physical world? And we answer: it is the evolutionary law of attraction acting on human beings who have no spiritual enlightenment and attract with similar thoughts the spirits that remain in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth in a disturbed state.

How many people do not even imagine that it is through badly irradiated thinking and the inappropriate use of free will that they attract and hold in the inferior astral the spirits that had, in their physical life, behavior of equal tenor! How many individuals suffer the consequences of bad behavior and do not even know that they are the only ones to blame, because in their minds they harbor thoughts and feelings without any spiritual elevation!

People who come to our houses to learn a little more about spiritual life should also study the books published by the world headquarters of Christian Rationalism, as in these works they will find the clarification they need to walk safely and peacefully in this world of schooling, because the Christian Rationalist philosophy is a great guide of souls.

Learn, then, to think, because that is one of the mottos of Christian Rationalism. People who think with spiritual elevation get rid of the harmful influences existing in the lower astral, which harm not only themselves, but family members and other people with whom they live. In a bad family environment, children are the most affected. Not having dominance over free will in this first phase of life, they suffer the harmful influence of inappropriate parental behavior.

Christian Rationalism explains everything about spirituality in its books, in the guidance of the Superior Astral and in the explanations made by the guides in public meetings and in the personal attention in Christian Rationalist houses, so that people sensitized by its spiritualist principles can conquer, by their own merits, the happiness that peaceful life provides.

Antonio Cottas


Try to Correct Your Mistakes

People need to be aware of the responsibility they have for themselves. Blaming others for their weaknesses, misconduct and erroneous thoughts is to escape the obligations contracted on the physical plane and ignore the planning done in the astral plane. Growing spiritually requires work, effort, dedication and good coexistence with others. Those who recognize their astral and physical composition are aware of the acts they practice. It is a deceptive procedure commited by those who ask for divine help and the like in order to get rid of bad deeds, which they believe they cannot overcome on their own merit.

In Christian Rationalist houses, attendees of public meetings are encouraged to self-reflect, so that they seek out their weaknesses and imperfections, so that they may be courageously eliminated from their innermost selves. But this must be done with honesty and sincerity, so that there be indeed a change in behavior.

All those who come to our houses with existential problems, who want to get rid of them and do not know how to do it, find in self-analysis, in the intimate conversation they have with themselves, the mistakes they have made and the successes they have carried out. Both are life experiences and cause them to grow in spirituality, teaches Christian Rationalism, provided that, from one’s personality, the faults committed are eliminated and the successes achieved are increased.

Therefore, think about the responsibility that everyone has as evolving spirits on Earth, in the struggle that each one needs to fight against imperfections of behavior, in a constant work of personal improvement through good thoughts, correct use of free will and improvement of spiritual attributes and faculties, so that you do not enter into vibrational attunement with individuals who do the opposite.

Pursue in self-knowledge the personality corrections that would be necessary for material progress resulting from spiritual evolution accomplished for itself. This is the way of living daily life according to Christian Rationalism, a philosophy of life that offers the means necessary to achieve the happiness that everyone wants to have.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix