Reading of the Month – February 2021

Christian Rationalism Offers Ways to Solve Your Problems

Beginning a new year, it is important that people have positive thoughts, be optimistic, eliminating feelings of defeat or failure, especially due to the perverse picture of public health on a global level, which persists for a long time and causes anguish and fear, generating psychic imbalances in many of them. It is time for spiritual tranquility, especially the more apprehensive ones, so that they can once again feel all the splendor of life when everyday life returns to normality due to the positive results achieved by medical science, which always helps humans on specific occasions.

Of course there are problems, but they are part of this school-planet. But there are also people with solutions of much wisdom, as they are reaching the fullness of spiritual evolution for which they have planned in their current existence and place their legacy of knowledge at the disposal of society, providing physical well-being to its components, such as virologists are doing at present.

If medical science values ​​life as a whole, there is no reason for people to not value their own life. If, when directing thought within themselves, they cannot find an explanation as to the why of life on Earth, it is time to wake up to spirituality.

Christian Rationalism exists for such a purpose, since it teaches people to live, despite the setbacks they go through. Therefore, it is necessary for them to be aware of themselves, to know their potentialities and limitations, in order to direct their thoughts and actions towards possible objectives.

Besides the power of realization of well-directed thoughts, Christian Rationalism also alerts that willpower is a powerful mechanism that all people have and can use in actions that are to be executed with care and in the adequate solution of difficulties, as there are no unsolvable problems when thoughts cross the vibrational planes of good and the will fights organic weakness and psychic despondency.

As individualized emanations of the Creative Force, which incites and transforms universal organized matter, human beings have, potentially, the same attributes as Great Focus. Since the beginning of the faculty of free will in the evolutionary process, the attributes, the faculties and so many more abilities of people are in continuous improvement throughout multiple existences as spirits in possession of a physical body. They are psychic tools to be used to solve personal and family problems and conflicts resulting from human interrelations. Therefore, personal and collective success or failure depends on the good or bad use of attributes and spiritual faculties.

For various reasons, life is not easy for many people. The history of humanity is full of people who left examples of a superior vision of life by contouring their difficulties. Ludwig van Beethoven, a German musician who went deaf at the end of his artistic career, revealed the surmounting of his physical limitation with beautiful compositions, likewise the deaf and blind American writer and activist Helen Keller, who fought in defense of social rights for women and handicapped people.

However great the material and psychic difficulties that people go through, Christian Rationalism offers them paths of a spiritualistic nature with regard to resolving everything with balance and tranquility, as there are no finished solutions for human problems. By looking within themselves, they must elevate their thoughts to the Superior Forças, so that they receive their strengthening emanations and be able to, with common sense,  control their thoughts, feelings and actions in this period of greater caution concerning physical health, in which they need, above all, to value their lives.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix