Reading of the Month – July 2022

A New Physical Body Will Allow the Spirit to Redeem Mistakes From Today

Thoughts and feelings, emotions, the very reasoning of human beings have been the object of studies on the initiative of certain scientific sectors, which correlate them with chemical substances existing in the physical body and certain parts of its brain. However, they are not bodily expressions or organic functions, but manifestations of an immaterial, inciting and transforming transcendent force called spirit, and not of the dense physical matter that constitutes the human body.

The ignorance of what is spiritual life greatly harms human beings ignorant of what is the spirituality defended by Christian Rationalism. The word ignorant is not used here as an aggressive way of expressing ourselves, but because it clearly reveals exactly what we mean: total disinformation about a subject, in this case spirituality, of great relevance in everyday life.

It is important for people to understand that, according to the quality of their thoughts — whether they are aimed at doing good or directed towards evil actions — they will attract good or bad things to themselves. Due to this lack of knowledge, which is nothing more than ignoring the effects of the evolutionary law of attraction, many people become a docile instrument of spirits that remain in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth by intuiting the thoughts and feelings they had in physical life, usually towards inappropriate attitudes.

As a matter of fact, the human being contributes to the negative effects of the law of attraction — a law that never fails, for being free from any dependence or subjection — when he has affinities with the obsessive tendencies of spirits detached from dense physical matter.

On the other hand, the mistakes that the person commits during life will have to be eliminated from the fluidic body in a new experience of the spirit in possession of another physical body, because this determines yet another transcendent law, the law of multiple existences, because there are no pardons, privileges or indulgences in spiritual life.

Therefore, everyone should avoid mistakes by doing good during their ongoing existence! However, there are rebellious people, who insist on continually making the same mistakes. Hence, moral pains and sufferings arise, not as divine punishments, but because they are natural consequences of another evolutionary law, the law of cause and effect, with the aggravation of the inevitable redemption of faults in future existences.

It is also important to emphasize that the opportunities to redeem mistakes made in past lives are planned in the spiritual internship planes and executed during a new evolutionary journey on Earth. The commitment of the spirit made in the astral plane is subject to the influences and circumstances existing on the physical plane, which often deviate the course of programmed evolution because the human being still does not have, in the course of life, a mature character, due to the small improvement of certain spiritual attributes, especially that of reasoning, for lack of lucidity, and that of will, for excess of weakness.

Therefore, everything that we are referring to are questions that need to be solved by human beings during their own evolution in this world of schooling, using the lessons learned from the reflective study of Christian Rationalism. Spiritual enlightenment is indispensable, as it educates thoughts, disciplines living, and avoids mistakes.

The understanding of what the evolutionary laws are that govern the Universal Whole — of which human beings are emanations with equal potential for evolutionary resources, even if latent — strengthens the inner struggle they must wage in overcoming their own imperfections and the difficulties that arise daily.

People take a qualitative leap in understanding what they represent in the whole of humanity as evolving spirits by being fraternal and caring, helping the world to welcome a more equal, participatory, fair and progressive humanity.

Thus, everyone has their share of help to offer in the spiritualization of people. To do so, educate your thoughts and feelings, use your free will correctly, setting good examples in your family environment, at work and in social life, doing good to those who need it.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix