Reading of the Month – March 2019

A World of Ease

The spiritualization of human beings is a necessary requirement. Unfortunately, materiality rages all over the world. The more the lack of sensitivity to things transcendent of life spreads, more difficult is the spiritual enlightenment of humanity. Since what concerns spirituality requires a certain amount of sacrifice and what corresponds to materiality does not require detachment, the tendency of people is much greater for material delights, even though they are transient.

Christian Rationalism has long turned toward the enlightenment of people.

It is concerned, therefore, with your spirituality.

We can say that we have already achieved a satisfactory result in our campaign. Many have been enlightened by following our philosophical principles and our soul-strengthening discipline, giving us great satisfaction when ascertaining the evolutionary progress they have achieved.

We have brought the light of spiritual enlightenment provided by Christian Rationalism to places far from Headquarters. We observe with satisfaction that we have sowed our philosophy of life in fertile ground, and countless people have followed the teachings.

Therefore, we have not worked in vain in the astral field. But there are countless actions to be accomplished both now and in the future by our successors on the physical plane. We wanted the general level of spirituality observed in this world of schooling to be different, but its inhabitants have much to learn about transcendent matters, for they are only interested in dense matter.

Various individuals attend to things of the spirit, but they go through the wrong terrain, according to the spiritualist vision that Christian Rationalism defends and divulges. Unfortunately, they practice conspiracy spiritism as a means of achieving what they want in material terms. This practice psychically disturbs those who use it, for it only attracts obsessive spirits that roam the Earth’s fluidic atmosphere. We would like the behavior of those who are interested in spirituality to lead to higher levels of evolution. But they run after fantasies, which illusively satisfy their desires by means of mystification and deceit, stupefying and causing them psychic disorders.

As we have said, our campaign of spiritualization of human beings has been intense and we have already reaped many fruits of the sprouted seeds. We can not complain if other individuals have not yet become spiritualized in Christian Rationalist houses, because we know that evolution occurs gradually. Our duty to enlighten people is so great, and so instigative is the desire to prepare them for life, that we would like better results, in which the explanation of Christian Rationalism reach more people quickly.

It is true that we always need strong and cohesive vibrational currents in our Houses so that we can take our strengthening fluids not only to the people present in the public meetings, but also to so many who benefit from the cleansing of the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth done in the meetings of mediumistic unfolding, snatching, from there, with the fundamental aid of disciplined mediums, the obsessive spirits that influence individuals with like-minded thoughts.

After all, we work to intensify the knowledge of Christian Rationalism together with the people who have awakened to spirituality.

Luiz De Mattos


A Place of Spiritual Improvment

Generally, people who do not yet have reasonable spiritual enlightenment are very affected by the setbacks they experience, the natural difficulties of life in this world. They lose balance of their emotions by having negative thoughts and pessimistic feelings, which only exacerbate the situation.

Mankind is not on Earth to see time pass or to enjoy only the good things of life. Without exception, everyone is in this world of schooling to struggle with determination and strong will for spiritual enhancement, which occurs step by step in each existence. As integral parts of the Universal Whole, they move towards it slowly and gradually.

It is necessary for human beings to understand a basic law of the evolutionary process which is the law of attraction, for it attaches great importance to the power of thought. One who thinks evil harms not only oneself, but also one’s equals insomuch as the damaging vibrational currents that run through the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth thicken, reaching individuals who have like-minded thoughts or attracting around oneself spirits with similar tendencies that wander about within it.

This constant and harmful influence causes, over the years, not only serious psychic disorders but also various physical ailments, which medical science tries to quell only with the use of medications. Because it is unknown or little interested in the transcendent facts of life, medicine does not recommend the necessary spiritual remodeling, the elimination of inappropriate behavioral habits and, above all, the indispensable discipline in daily living.

All people have a duty to express good thoughts and express uplifting feelings. Those who believe thoughts and feelings to be of their exclusive intimacy are mistaken, for all that they conceive and do, all the acts that they practice, are preceded by thoughts. Being vibrations of the spirit, thoughts run through the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth or concretize forms in more diaphanous matter, all easily perceived by spirits that wander about it. Hence, thoughts are linked to the source of origin and exposed as an open book for reading, as long as the feelings that produced them remain active.

Therefore, it is necessary for human beings to understand and respect the evolutionary laws that govern the Universal Whole. This can be achieved through the enlightenment that Christian Rationalism gives to those studious of spirituality. It is up to each one to counteract what one’s conscience reproves and to reject, however tenuous they may be, the pernicious influences of obsessing spirits.

Know that no spirit acts upon any individual without their consent, an event which only occurs with harmful thoughts and feelings resulting from the misuse of free will. The sufferings that most people go through are due to the evolutionary law of cause and effect in one’s current existence or inadequate behavior in past existences.

With the knowledge gained, people who are dedicated to the study of the philosophy of Christian Rationalism are enhancing their character by developing the spiritual attributes of which they are bearers. If you look within yourself with honesty and humility, you will find the imperfections that you still carry, and you will know how to eliminate them from your personality, so that you can attain higher levels of evolution. When you raise your thoughts while keeping your reasoning always clear, you will be the masters of your lives, you will make the right choices, because you will have to be responsible, inevitably, for the unwise decisions you make.

Humberto Rodriguez


Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix