Reading of the Month – April 2019

No Sentimentality

Thoughts and feelings have a preponderant role in the spiritual evolution of humanity. It is by means of their set of moral qualities that people reveal the degree of spirituality that they have.

Thoughts and feelings should be controlled by the spiritually enlightened person. Therefore, he cannot get carried away by sentimentality. The balance of emotions depends on control, and the uncontrolled individual does not reason and cannot have attitudes that lead him to spiritual progress.

One who studies Christian Rationalism learns to control oneself, becomes a person capable of one’s own actions and not a puppet of forces that induce sentimentality, which leads nowhere. This world offers many opportunities for learning self-control, because maintaining stable psychic balance is fundamental in the development of spiritual attributes and faculties. Everybody lives, but living wisely requires spiritual enlightenment.

People who live in total uncontrollability of thoughts and feelings can never attain in this world of schooling the goals outlined in their respective worlds of spiritual stages. They lead uncontrolled lives, however, life must be conducted rationally, with actions resulting from stable psychic balance. Since Earth is a world made not only of pleasures and blessings, but also of setbacks and losses, individuals show their real value precisely by overcoming adversities with lucid reasoning and strong will.

Christian Rationalism teaches what people need to learn in order to lead their lives and overcome the crises that happen to them, because they begin to walk in the path of spirituality safely by acting with the light of reason that strengthening and spiritual enlightenment provides.

Antonio Cottas


The Spiritual Resources of Every Individual

The study of Christian Rationalism makes people that are interested in spirituality recognize their real value in the context of life. They realize that they must discard thoughts and feelings that lower character, admitting as a matter of certainty the importance of thinking well and having good feelings, although many of them find it not so essential, given the behavior they show in everyday life.

Thoughts emitted with valor and courage, feelings expressed with sincerity and scope in the direction of doing something good and useful to others, place the emitter in fine tuning with the superior astral forces. He attracts thoughts and feelings of equal content and intensity found in the vast sea of ​​fluidic matter that surrounds the Earth, succeeding in his endeavors.

On the contrary, someone who is always thinking about sad things, cultivating sorrow or frustration, how can he overcome in life if he cannot overcome these weaknesses? Maintaining thoughts and feelings of that kind only attracts forces forming similar vibrational currents.

For this reason, we insist, it is important to study the books edited by the headquarters of Christian Rationalism, where the reader finds what he needs to understand the world of the transcendent and put into practice the disciplinary norms of conduct of a philosophy that strengthens, clarifies and spiritualizes human beings. However, the suggested study requires the reader’s constant self-reflection in the analysis of the texts, so that he discovers for himself the successes that must be perfected day to day and the errors to be eliminated from life.

Carried out preferably in the ten minutes preceding the discipline of psychic cleansing done twice a day at the recommended times, when irradiators come together forming powerful vibrational currents interconnected with each other, the suggested self-analysis impresses upon thought the spiritual power of which it is endowed and also strengthened during irradiation.

Since reflection is a personal initiative that cannot be transferred, we can affirm that Christian Rationalism makes it clear that it is a philosophy of life committed to its spiritual ideas, since it does not deceive or promise anything to anyone. You cannot hear in Christian Rationalist houses that public meeting attendants will succeed in life without work or that the superior forces will solve their problems, because everyone, without exception, has the spiritual resources necessary to achieve or resolve everything through compliance with the recommended discipline and the use of lucid reasoning and willpower that potential and individual limitations enable.

If you like what you read in the edited books and what you hear in the public meetings, if in these sources of wisdom you find the strengthening and enlightenment that lead to the encountering of spirituality, then do not waste any more time! Trust in yourself, put into practice the teachings provided by Christian Rationalism, and you will succeed in life.

Humberto Rodrigues


Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix