Reading of the Month – March 2021

Material Wealth Is Ephemeral, but Moral Values Are Perennial

Much of humanity is unaware of the existence of the transcendent evolutionary laws that govern the Universal Whole. As they are not interested in becoming spiritual, because they live only focused on the attractions of a material nature that the Earth offers, they are unaware of the spiritual enlightenment that Christian Rationalist philosophy provides to scholars of metaphysical phenomena.

Due to the flagrant lack of interest in spirituality, human beings in general seek to position themselves, in the societies in which they live, only concerned with having a profession that gives them material conditions to acquire goods and enjoy pleasures that satisfy the selfish personality.

In the group of people not interested in spirituality, those that stand out struggle for financial as well as political and corporate power, believing that positions of wealth, command and influence in the social environment have a lot of value, when, in reality, this search only reveals little spiritual evolution. Sometimes, the pleasure for material things becomes so great that they use illicit means to obtain them, accumulating hefty spiritual debts to be paid off through future sufferings.

When a human being does not know that he is a compound of Force and Matter, that is, is made up entirely of a spirit, a fluidic body and a physical body, he also unaware that the human body, made of dense physical matter, dies without the vibration that it receives from the spirit when the fluidic cords connected to both the physical body and the fluidic body are broken.

The fact that the human being ignores its vibratory, fluidic and physical structure makes that, at death, the spirit remains in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth, if the existence that ended has been very materialized. Not being aware of its new psychic state, the spirit thinks it still has a physical body, so much so that it starts to wander with its fluidic body through vibrational planes, also known as the inferior astral, influencing the people who connect with it by similar thoughts and feelings. Spirits that remain in the lower astral form obsessive vibrational currents, because they do not depart from psychically weak people, for the pleasure of being alongside those with whom they have affinities.

Even if a person leads life correctly, so that his spiritual evolution is not slow, it is important that he does daily self-reflection before psychic cleansing, to assess which attributes and spiritual faculties need perfecting.

It is essential that people enlighten themselves spiritually by studying themselves. Those who do not look within themselves cannot recognize their own imperfections, to correct them, taking into account the evolutionary laws of cause and effect and attraction.

The excessive competitiveness that exists in different areas of knowledge and of human relationships in the world of today leads the individual down the path of selfishness, arrogance, prejudice, disloyalty and, consequently, disregard for others.

Individualists, sooner or later, will fall into the void when they realize that the conquered patrimony, of which they so yearned to enjoy, instead of having brought them happiness led them to spiritual frustration, because material wealth is ephemeral while moral values ​​are perennial.

The disappointments caused by the person himself or by third parties create various psychic disorders, such as depression, anxiety and phobias, that plague the world’s population. When human beings move away from spiritual duties, the subconscious demands the resumption of the planned evolutionary trajectory, which has been forgotten.

It is time to wake up to spirituality, not to waste time! Of course the commitments of a material nature in life must be carried out with perseverance and dedication, because the need for housing, education, instruction and culture, food and leisure requires financial resources from honest and productive work, although real wealth is spiritual. That is why it is important to strive for spiritual evolution, because life is made up of struggles and victories if happiness is to be in the satisfaction of accomplished duty.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix