Reading of the Month – October 2019

Do Not Delay the Search for Truth

It would be great for humans to have an idea of how important it is to spiritualize! Spiritual enlightenment makes life less painful, so to speak. Living becomes milder when individuals understand each other by putting selfishness and vanity aside. The moments of pain are finite for spiritualists because they have daily peace of mind and always achieve desired happiness.

To this end, there is Christian Rationalism, a spiritualist philosophy that explains who the human being is and what he does on earth. It teaches him, therefore, to walk the path of goodness, showing him how to live by improving his character.

However, it is necessary not to leave until tomorrow that which can be done today, especially the search for the spiritualist truth that Christian Rationalism defends and disseminates, the knowledge of the natural and unchanging evolutionary laws that normalize the conduct that human beings should have on Earth, so that they may progress materially and spiritually safely and effectively.

Therefore, one cannot fail to observe earthly living with its teachings, because the experiences that human beings go through have a pedagogical purpose of a spiritual nature and manifest themselves according to the conception of life that each individual adopts. Spiritual growth has to be accomplished by self-effort and no one can escape this transcendent conception. The promises and demands that religious beliefs impose on their adherents as a solution to their problems are useless.

Scientific discoveries in all areas of human knowledge that improve people’s quality of life reveal how much the world has been progressing materially over the centuries due to the increasing spirituality of peoples. However, spiritual development happens slower, as teaches Christian Rationalism to people who attend Christian Rationalist houses and enjoy the knowledge received in these true schools of life.

Antonio Cottas


Live with Spiritual Elevation

It is always important to emphasize the need for people to have self-control. As a spiritual attribute to be continually developed, inner control avoids impulsive or thoughtless actions, enabling everyone to lead their lives responsibly and safely. Knowing the whys of life, they strengthen themselves with every step they take as they proceed in accordance with their will.

When people have control over their deeds and words, they enhance living on Earth, building a promising future. Recognizing the importance of self-mastery, they treat themselves and others better. Because they are alert and vigilant, they are not influenced by the conflicts observed around them. As they move forward consciously in their lives, they see problems and solutions more easily because they hold the reins of events.

So, people, try to get to know yourselves, to interpret what you are doing and what you refrain from doing, to evaluate what you have achieved and what you have lost so that you can contribute to building a better world. Inserted as you are in vibrational fields favorable and unfavorable to material progress and spiritual well-being, self-mastery also makes it possible to choose the course that leads to prosperous, safe and happy living.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix