Reading of the Month – October 2020

Understand the Importance of Study, Discipline and Work

Among much guidance that we give, let us recall the importance of study, discipline and work as factors that also lead to enlightenment, material progress and the spiritual evolution of human beings. Study requires knowledge in the field of spirituality, discipline must be based on respect of
self and others,and work requires a harmonious relationship with the improvement of character and morals, all in accordance with what Christian Rationalist principles prescribe.

Our warning is that everyone should bear in mind the importance of study, discipline and work. Undisciplined people, who compromise social coexistence with this type of behavior, those who work while ignoring the transcendental dimension of active work and those who find study unnecessary in not being attentive to metaphysical phenomena are strong candidates for material and spiritual failure.

Take, for example, the activities of Christian Rationalist houses worldwide: all of them are preceded by the psychic cleansing of the environment and the participants and carried out at certain times, because from this concentration of thoughts and from discipline result vibrations that form currents that support them with the success and security intended by the Superior Forces that coordinate the spiritualist meetings that take place.

Christian Rationalist houses have specific discipline for all the activities that they perform: times to start meetings, for reflections of thoughts and the respective considerations on the part of public meeting advisors, always based on the study of the spirituality defended by Christian Rationalism, as well as for the strengthening and clarifying guidance of the Superior Astral. These are moments when the spiritualistic actions of a mediumistic nature coordinated by the Superior Forces are linked to their moral and ethical essence, they are not confabulations between the living and the dead, as
prescribed by the spiritualist doctrine.

Therefore, transcendental phenomena, by their very nature, escape the perception of human senses, go beyond the physical environment in which people live. For this reason, the detailed study of this invisible reality is extremely important, especially if the absorbed teachings are put into practice on a daily basis. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate on study in order to arrive to correct conclusions, without placing centuries-old prejudices, myths, taboos and fantasies on the interpretation of metaphysical facts.

The guidance received in Christian Rationalist houses aim to bring spiritual enlightenment to people attending public meetings, especially those who attend for the first time, in order to awaken them to spirituality. The examples of discipline, study and work typical of spiritualist reality that Christian Rationalism defends and disseminates serve as a stimulus to everyone who wants to follow the path of material prosperity, always taking into account the opportunities that bring simultaneous spiritual growth, behavior that must consider work that is honest, continuous and well done as a moral requirement, following an individual disciplinary method as a necessary condition for good collective coexistence and requiring rigorous study of transcendent phenomena as a basis for understanding real life, which is spiritual life, by considering dense physical matter as just a necessary means of evolution on Earth.

Antonio Cottas


Evolutionary Laws Never Fail

However clever a person is, his ability to analyze human deeds is limited and inaccurate. For this reason, it is often heard, that earthly justice is flawed. In fact, there are many mistakes in the behavioral analysis of humankind, in the examination of their character, their personality. From
these incorrect interpretations arise disappointment, disillusionment and injustice.

On the other hand, evolutionary laws never fail, because they are transcendental laws. Everybody, without exception, are subject to evolutionary laws, especially the law of cause and effect and the law of attraction. Thus, there are no setbacks or difficulties that the human being goes through that he himself has not contributed to such sufferings at some point in his spiritual evolution, whether in the current existence or in previous lives. This spiritualist truth does not care to be said by many manipulators of existential reality when they sell, literally, for their own benefit and the organizations of which they are spokespersons, the idea of ​​miracles or forgiveness for wrongdoing, no matter the resulting consequences.

Contrary to the misleading promises made by those who are considered as sent from divine entities to their credulous followers, in Christian Rationalist houses it is asserted to people who participate in public meetings (which always provide strengthening and clarification received from the spirits of the Superior Astral who coordinate the spiritual activities in the astral plane), that it is they themselves, in this physical plane, who are the only ones responsible, and also deserving, for the success achieved in their lives, as they all have, without distinction, the spiritual resources necessary for this purpose when they are well used, such as having elevating thoughts, making good use of free will and using other spiritual attributes intelligently, such as reasoning, will, self-control and creative capacities, which inspires transformations and improvements in the different sectors of human activity.

Therefore, it is necessary for people to understand the spiritualistic truth that Christian Rationalism defends when it claims that there are billions of human beings on Earth with different levels of spiritual evolution, interacting in the family environment, in the workplace, in all sectors of society, each one with their own way of thinking and acting, of understanding life. Actions and reactions result from spiritual stimuli, which may or may not be accepted, which cause a good or bad impression, depending on the degree of evolution of the people involved and the fluidic environment in which they are inserted.

When a human being becomes enlightened and understands the reality of spiritual life as we describe it, he does not have unexpected, untimely or violent attitudes, because his already developed capacity for perception makes him move away from heavy fluidic environments, retreat to a quiet place, fluidly light and compatible with the good and serene decisions he needs to make, avoiding future disruptions and conflicts.

So, in addition to the spiritual attribute of perception, it is important that the person also exercise self-control and will, put into practice the value that he has to a greater or lesser extent, using the accumulated spiritual baggage in his subconscious. In order to conduct himself in the daily life of the physical plane without deviating from the path traced in the astral plane, it is necessary that he also have good thoughts and discipline in living, use the spiritual faculty of free will appropriately, act according to his conscience, without letting himself be influenced by those who have not yet awakened to spirituality or by a spirit detached from physical matter that roams the fluidic
atmosphere of the Earth.

Take advantage of the teachings you receive in Christian Rationalist houses, read the books edited by the World Headquarters of Christian Rationalism, in order to have a better understanding of the matters explained by the leaders of public meetings. Study, reason, conclude, definitively, that there are no miracles, pardons or punishments. Human beings are the painters of their own lives by drawing future days with the colors used in the present, until the day when the canvases of their existences in this physical plane are finished and other paintings, in lighter and more diaphanous colors, will be initiated ahead in the higher planes of spirituality.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix