Reading of the Month – September 2019

Seek to Reason Well

Human beings are gifted with reasoning to analyze things and come to conclusions. Reasoning is a spiritual attribute that they use to conduct their lives successfully. However, there are people who do not reason. If they reasoned, many individuals would not do what is observed, they would not make mistakes.

One who reasons foresees events, one almost predicts what might happen, so to speak, for both good things and bad. One who reasons is aware of what one should and should not do. Everyone makes mistakes and has weaknesses, but repeating mistakes and reiterating weaknesses is a  demonstration of stubbornness and, therefore, lack of reasoning.

In Christian Rationalist principles, people find everything they need to stay psychically balanced by adopting them in their lives. Life brings surprises from which they are not exempt. Therefore, all must reason, weighing their errors on the scale of mistakes and successes, avoiding their repetition, so that they can remain in a perfect emotional state.

Everyone must strive for survival through honest and productive work, albeit being careful to reason about everything they do or to what happens around them. They will live in a measured, realistic way, taking from life the necessary benefits it offers that are good and helpful. Human beings are on earth to progress materially and evolve spiritually, not to lose their existence for lack of reasoning.

So, may they reason, those that little by little enlighten themselves spiritually! There are many people who live without reasoning and, by not reasoning well, can not act correctly. Act like psychically balanced people, to correctly separate the chaff that corrupts from the wheat that magnifies by living with lucid reasoning and achieve what you planned for your lives in this world. The enlightened do not waste time. Hence, they do not lose their passage on earth as spiritual beings in evolution. By having a balanced life, resulting from lucid reasoning geared towards life’s difficult problems, they will surely succeed in their endeavors.

Luiz de Mattos


Firm Steps towards Evolution

When a human being awakens to spirituality, it is essential that he follow the path of evolution with firm steps, aware that he will depend on himself to safely and successfully reach his life’s goal, as teaches Christian Rationalism, a set of spiritualistic teachings that transmits to the individual the knowledge of oneself.

The first step a person takes is to understand why he is on the planet-school Earth among billions of other humans with the same astral and physical structure but varying degrees of evolution. He will realize that he is no different than anyone. All are equal, differing only in their individual level of spirituality. Hence there is no sense for any kind of discrimination or prejudice, because choices related to the nation, family, gender, ethnic group and other particularities are self-impressions of the spirit that are necessary for its evolutionary progress in a given existence in this world, but modified with each experience in the human body as it enhances its attributes and faculties.

Additional steps should take into account human characteristics in order to have a better understanding of life in its broad, constructive and transforming aspect. It is necessary to have understanding and tolerance in living with our fellowmen, it is important to create an environment of harmony and peace around us, because the world is troubled: nations do not understand each other, families disintegrate, arguments and fights are routine.

However, if a person has understood why the spirit is an emanation of Universal Intelligence, he has come to recognize himself as an evolving human being on the planet and certainly acts differently in the face of such confusion, the reason for which a lot of people lose the will to live. He has learned not to feel different from his fellow men, nor judge himself to be better than them, because he knows that, in general, they have interior conflicts and existential doubts due to misalignments of their own mind. After, he sees this world with the feeling of solidarity that comes from the bottom of the soul, already understanding and more tolerant. He offers a friendly word with a smile on his lips to those individuals who listen with interest and attention, but are still lacking in spirituality, teaching them also to walk the path of spiritual evolution, to become better every day.

One who resorts to Christian Rationalism as a philosophy of life that strengthens, enlightens and spiritualizes the evolving human being on Earth feels psychic and physical well-being by attending Christian Rationalist houses and putting into practice its principles and discipline. Astral light is present when one is well assisted spiritually. Sunlight may shine on a lump of coal, but it does not shine, even though it contains carbon as a chemical element in its composition. However, if sunlight falls on a diamond, how wonderful it is! It shines like nothing else after being polished, because carbon, which also constitutes it in its crude state as the only chemical substance, was subject to very high temperature and pressure for millions of years.

It is the analogy we make to exemplify the person already polished by spirituality compared to one who walks the path of materiality as life’s goal. The spiritualized human being has been polished by the life experiences he went through. He is prepared to spread his spiritual light around, reaching those that live with him. The materialist is out of alignment with the forces of good, while the spiritualist is connected with the light of enlightenment coming from the Superior Astral. Studying Christian Rationalism and following its teachings is the best way an individual can choose to succeed in life on his own merit.

Therefore, strong willpower and perseverance are required on the part of everyone who walks the path of evolution. It depends solely on each person to polish one’s character as an artificer of oneself. There are no spiritual lapidaries that do this work for anyone. Promises of this kind are meaningless, since spiritual evolution is a task that does not accept the delegation of competence or responsibility. Intolerant, surly individuals who cause trouble of every kind will change for the better because of the inner strength that sooner or later always manifests itself positively regardless of the number of lives required for this to occur. With spiritual empowerment coming from the superior planes of spirituality everyone will reach their evolutionary goals.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix