Reading of the Month – September 2020

No One Is Better or Worse

Human beings, without exception, have obligations to fulfill. Those who think otherwise, by considering the fulfilment of their duty as useless or unnecessary, waste time on their material progress and spiritual evolution. Honorable people place great importance on the commitments they assume. Assuming obligations and fulfilling them responsibly is a natural condition of life and a physical and spiritual need for the individual, who is not in this world to be indolent, to look around life oblivious to the daily life that requires his active presence.

If everyone is in this world to make their spiritual evolution through the appropriate use of the material conditions that the planet offers, they should do it with discipline and goodwill, studying carefully the transcendent side of life, working with joy and satisfaction, in order to have the pleasure of successfully fulfilling the obligations that life imposes on each one.

There are people who rebel against everything that happens to them, because they think they are on the margins of life, they feel inferior in relation to their fellowmen. No one is inferior to anyone, as everyone has the same spiritual attributes, some more improved, others less, because they depend on the use that people make of their faculties, also spiritual, such as free will, vocations and so many other skills.

Those who consider themselves inferior only achieve unhappiness with their negative thoughts. Everyone can demonstrate value with their work and good professional performance, revealing the spiritual baggage that each one has and the instruction already achieved. Therefore, in accordance with personal possibilities, they can be useful to society by collaborating for the common good, they can also achieve the individual happiness they seek.

There are many people who seek happiness where it cannot be found, even though it is closer than where one thinks it is, because it is found within the person. And, to achieve it, it is enough to proceed with elevation and value, since it is elevated thoughts directed towards the good and the value acquired by studying the vast field of spirituality, by the rigor of daily work and by discipline in the course of action that make up true happiness: the inner tranquility that the satisfaction of accomplished duty provides.

The daily struggle for survival – we always repeat – is the life that human beings face in the relentless search for their spiritual evolution on Earth. Devote yourselves, then, to this struggle that dignifies the spirit, as there is no one who does not have it. But, do so with perseverance and will, which brighten the personality, and without disloyalty, pride and vanity, which tarnish the character.

Pride as exaggerated self-love is a human feeling that is the enemy of good coexistence. No one has any reason to nurture one’s arrogance by believing oneself to be superior to one’s fellow man. However, pride in being a good professional shows high character, because it reflects the inner joy of doing well and helping those who benefit from one’s honest, honorable and productive work.

Vanity, on the other hand, is harmful in any sense and denounces character flaws. There is nothing like simplicity, however high one’s social or professional position. Simple people have the power to radiate sympathy and trust around them.

As for mistakes, everyone can make mistakes in life, because there are no perfect human beings. What they should never do is make purposeful mistakes. If you make a mistake, courageously take responsibility for the faults committed and try to repair them immediately, avoiding new mistakes. Only then will you feel peace of mind in your consciences.

Study, work, have discipline in living, and you will take certain and safe steps in the evolutionary journey if you leave pride and vanity aside. Whoever does so conquers the happiness he seeks by the sensible, judicious and laborious way he views life. The happiness that the tranquil conscience of accomplished duty provides becomes more ample when one is just, thoughtful and moderate, when one does not harm anyone, when one does good to oneself and to others.

Luiz de Mattos


Live Well Connected in Spirituality

In Christian Rationalist houses it is always advised that it is necessary to know how to live. Knowing how to live is not just forming a home, forming a family, working and obtaining material and financial resources to sustain it with profit and dignity. Despite the importance of this example, it represents little in the face of the Universal Whole.

Knowing how to live in the transcendent context of life is to turn to the spirituality defended by Christian Rationalism, this philosophy of life disseminated and practiced in our Houses and well explained in the books published by the World Headquarters. Knowing how to live is to study, have discipline and work as factors of material progress and spiritual growth. Only enlightenment makes human beings free to think and act, knowledgeable and aware that they are able to rejoice in success or be overwhelmed by failure, depending on how their thoughts vibrate and their use of free will.

Regarding care of a spiritual nature, it is necessary for people to educate thoughts, raising them to the Superior Forces, so that they have good spiritual assistance and can bring out of the subconscious spiritual objectives planned in the astral plane, in order to achieve them in this physical plane with perseverance and determination. It is also necessary that they continually improve their character, being honest, loyal, supportive and tolerant with their fellowmen, moral qualities that enhance the personality without subjugating others and stands out in the social environment for their moderate, thoughtful and fair acts.

As for the material obligations that human beings must keep in mind includes care for the physical body, this delicate organic machine designed by Universal Intelligence and used by the spirit to process its evolution on Earth. Healthy eating habits and continuous physical exercise are just as stimulating to physical health as vices of any kind are harmful to it. But, in order to have integral health, both physical and mental, it is important that everyone do psychic cleansing daily, this hygiene so necessary in this world with a still dense fluidic atmosphere due to the materiality that surrounds a large part of humanity.

Thus, we seek to summarize what we consider living well to be for any person, satisfactorily enjoying the existence in this world. Achieving success in all endeavors by fulfilling duties with honesty, simplicity and humility reveal well-formed character traits of human beings, contributing as well to the progress of the fellow men who are sensitive to the good examples they observe.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix