Reading of the Month – January 2020

Live With Order and Discipline

In general, there is a lack of discipline in the lives of human beings. Those who know how to organize have hours for everything: for work, fulfilling their responsibilities, and for leisure and rest, so necessary for physical vigor and psychic balance. There is plenty of time when there is order and discipline, teaches Christian Rationalism. Those who have peace of mind live peacefully, for nothing disturbs their fulfilling of duties.

The wrong of most humans is the disorganization in which they live. They are always in a hurry, because they leave to the last minute what they need to do, including taking advantage of the good opportunities that appear at the right times. They neither have time to sleep nor wake up, they live day by day under the negative influences they attract with attitudes contrary to what common sense recommends. If they attend public meetings held in Christian Rationalist houses and listen to our recommendations, if they read the books edited by the World Headquarters of Christian Rationalism carefully, their way of living would be different, much more spiritual because of the strengthening they receive from the Superior Forces and the enlightenment they achieve with their opportune guidance.

To be a Christian Rationalist is to base one’s life with judgment and wisdom, to have the inner satisfaction of one’s duty, to give civic and moral examples, to walk shoulder to shoulder, to enjoy the respectful intimacy of one’s fellow men, and not to weaken in the face of difficulties and problems. Wherever you are, you are a person admired by everyone.

Happy are the members of households that stand out with order and discipline. Where there is order and discipline there is peace of mind, there is happiness. The teachings found in Christian Rationalist books are life lessons available to those interested in dignifying personal and family worth in well-constituted societies. Acts of value enhance character when they are directed toward the common good.

Luiz de Mattos


Justice in Spirituality

Justice is a word often heard in everyday life. Analyzing its concept with a view to the protection of material things, justice is the faculty of judging according to the norms of law and the best conscience, whereby well-constituted societies try to restrain imperfect acts by human beings who have lost awareness of themselves as evolving spirits. By going beyond individual boundaries by taking for themselves what is not their own, whether by violent means or any other harmful act which violates the rights of their fellow men, they are subject to trials with condemnatory judgments of various kinds, such as deprivation of liberty, accomplishment of community services or payment of fines and indemnities generally of a pecuniary nature to those who have been harmed, or, then, to sentences of acquittal that often reach individuals who are not always truly innocent.

However, the spiritualist concept of justice is much broader than its definition of a material nature, we might say. Justice is, above all, an innate sense of absolute balance and unrestricted equality, with the same opportunities and equivalent resources that all human beings use in the process of evolution as particles of Universal Intelligence. Therefore, transcendent justice does not imply judgments of spirits made by other spirits. Just the opposite happens when the spirit returns to its world of training at the end of existence in the human body. It is the spirit itself that performs its judgment in the astral plane, free from all harmful influences existing on the physical plane. As such, it accurately and clearly assesses everything it has done positive and negative, rationally, logically and deductively analyzes all the acts it has done in the last and previous existences in order to plan, as a result of this evaluative analysis, a new existence that corrects and enhances still imperfect attributes and faculties. In a state free from dense matter, the spirit cannot mask its own mistakes or deny them while at the same time pointing with critical fingers to the faults of others, an attitude so common in this world, where materiality often prevails over spirituality that is meant to be more comprehensive.

Thus, it is necessary that people enlighten themselves spiritually, in order to not be led by the materialistic logic of the world. Material progress and spiritual evolution require human beings to live together and work. It is for this purpose that they are transiently in this world of schooling, by offering them the right conditions of life for their stage of evolution. Hence the importance of knowing the evolutionary laws governing the Universal Whole, of the power of well-irradiated thought as a force of immeasurable attraction to progress when directed toward the practice of goodness. Everything that is conceived by humanity, all the actions done are embodied beforehand in fluidic matter, whether they are good or bad intentions. These thought forms swell, gain movement, and expand across the ocean of fluidic matter that surrounds the Earth. It is these transcendent truths that Christian Rationalism shows to those who study spirituality.

Those who study spirituality learn to educate thoughts so that they may have good physical and mental health, to reason clearly, to make decisions that bring success to their endeavors, always respecting others with patience and understanding, for justice, in order to be legitimate, does not accept arbitrariness. On the contrary, it requires balance and common sense in analyzing facts and decisions without excesses and sentimentality.

Human beings have reasoning ability. Therefore, use this attribute as a powerful spiritual tool for yourself and others, both in family and social life as well as in the workplace. Analyze everything that occurs to you, evaluate your reactions to the facts, observe the feelings you reveal, see how you accept the ideas, potentials, limitations and needs of others.

It’s time to wake up to spirituality! Remember that the practice of Christian Rationalist principles greatly helps in spiritualizing people.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix