Reading of the Month – January 2021

Christian Rationalism Is Not an Exclusivist Philosophy

The transcendent facts of life are explained by Christian Rationalism and disseminated in Christian Rationalist houses. But, they will not always be understood by the attendees of their public meetings if they do not reason about them, as scholars and researchers of spirituality should do when analyzing metaphysical phenomena and drawing their own conclusions, since nothing is imposed on anyone in our Houses.

Christian Rationalism is a philosophy that defends guiding concepts of rational content and suggests disciplinary habits that, when combined, contemplate the theoretical aspects of spirituality without neglecting its practical implications in people’s lives. Once known, they will guarantee not only the strengthening and psychic balance but also the resulting organic vigor, if they are adopted by them in their daily lives.

Christian Rationalist houses have been open for many years worldwide. They are points of support for the explanation of the spiritualistic truth that Christian Rationalism defends with its philosophical concepts and disciplinary practices. However, the installation of a House, no matter the category, requires its general director, other directors and militants to disseminate and practice Christian Rationalism correctly and with great responsibility, as they will be examples of authentic Christian Rationalists to the people who will attend their public meetings, whether out of curiosity or necessity, in order to find the spirituality they seek or the psychic normalization they need.

A Christian Rationalist house opened here, another there and another yonder are seeds of Christian Rationalism sown around the world, which will blossom if they find fertile ground for their germination, as this is how, metaphorically, we consider the valiant militants when they explain and practice our spiritualist philosophy correctly and effectively.

We do not consider Christian Rationalism to be an exclusive philosophy of life, as we do not want hegemony of thoughts and feelings. On the contrary, Christian Rationalist principles are universal, they can be adopted as normative rules of conduct that adjust to the circumstances of daily life of human beings in general, no matter their convictions. We do want the spiritual progress of humanity. People enlightened by the Christian Rationalist philosophy understand the broad and constructive aspect of Life as parts of the Universal Whole, of which they are individualized emanations in continuous spiritual evolution.

If Christian Rationalism is an enlightening philosophy and needs to spread throughout the world so that, we insist, people interested in spiritual knowledge or in need of psychic normalization are benefited, it is important that everyone knows, attendees to public meetings and militants in general, that the headquarters, as the world headquarters of Christian Rationalism, determines the guidelines to be followed by the other Christian Rationalist houses in Brazil and other countries where they are located, through decisions taken by their president in the physical plane, having consulted the Superior Council in the attributions of its competence. It was what we decided to effectively establish together with Luiz Thomaz, co-founder of Christian Rationalism, and to be obligatorily followed by the current president and successors, always for life in office and chosen in a sequential and exclusive manner by their respective predecessors.

This explicit statutory provision will be permanent and unchanged, in order to avoid dissent in Christian Rationalism and render unchangeable possible alterations, or even misrepresentations, in its spiritualist principles and disciplinary foundations, which would probably occur if there were alternations in the presidency as a result of an unacceptable elective process. We do want the spiritualist activities of Christian Rationalist houses worldwide to be carried out without disagreements in words, actions and procedures in relation to Christian Rationalist philosophy, we want them to be a faithful copy of what is seen as a model at the world headquarters.

These are the guarantees that we establish for the perpetuity of Christian Rationalism and that people who frequent Christian Rationalist houses can count on, where they will find, with the competent and attentive collaboration of the respective militants, the spiritual strengthening and enlightenment they seek, achieving greater spirituality, the reason for humanity being on Earth.

Luiz de Mattos


Everybody Can Overcome Everything in Life

Everyday life presents many challenges to human beings. They are setbacks, hitches and disappointments, interspersed with successes, encouragements and achievements, all resulting from logic defined by transcendent evolutionary laws. Joys are welcome, because they refresh the spirit, while difficulties prevent triumph through effort, when the person is weakened spiritually.

However, human beings have a set of spiritual resources composed of attributes, such as reasoning, will and self-control, among others, and faculties, such as free will, mediumistic perceptions, vocations and many more skills. The combination of the harmonious use of attributes and faculties is added to the experiences accumulated in past existences, all registered in people’s subconscious. It is with these resources that the obstacles of earthly living must be faced and overcome.

From the detailed analysis of the problems, appropriate solutions emerge. Adopting self-reflection as a daily habit, preferably before psychic cleaning, is the best initiative that people can take. Strengthened by the emanations received from the Superior Forces during the irradiations, the spiritual resources mentioned will be put into practice more easily and with greater precision, flowing from the subconscious those intuitions that will best resolve the setbacks.

Therefore, for human beings to act correctly, it is necessary that they have physical health and psychic balance. Organic weaknesses, sadness, despair, hatred, revolt are negative symptoms and feelings, which break one’s spirit, muddle the reasoning, weaken the will, provoke reprehensible actions, make it difficult to analyze facts. Countless people, when they allow themselves to be enveloped by the harmful influences of the dense vibrational fields that traverse the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth, are subject to the interference of spirits free from the physical matter that roam it. This harmful assistance makes it difficult or prevents the solution of the difficulties they are going through, and they conclude that they are facing insoluble problems, which is not true. Every problem has a solution. When human beings are strengthened by the fluids of the Superior Forces and their thoughts travel through the vibrational planes of good, success is easily achieved due to this beneficial assistance.

Any person can overcome everything they face in the physical world, as long as they put spiritual enlightenment into practice, as we said. One needs to know one’s astral and physical composition – spirit, fluidic body and physical body, – that is, one’s essence as Force and Matter. One must improve one’s attributes using, for this purpose, the spiritual faculties that one has chosen in one’s internship world, always with the objective of doing good, in favor of oneself and of others. Having positive thoughts and disciplining life taking into account the transcendent evolutionary laws complete the learning offered by Christian Rationalism.

Living is not as difficult as it seems. Christian Rationalism exists to help people live a peaceful life, taking advantage of their time on Earth to grow in spirituality, without the waste of time and the risk of mistakes that so many people incur. Clarify yourselves spiritually, we insist, do the daily psychic cleansing in your homes, always preceded by fifteen minutes of self-analysis, read the books edited by the world headquarters and reflect on what you read, discipline living with hours for everything, have elevated thoughts, avoiding actions that the conscience disapproves. You will come to the end of your existence with the peace of mind that comes from accomplishing your duties well.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix