Reading of the Month – June 2019

Bad Thoughts Cause Anguish

People who have fixed ideas, whose thoughts are always decentralized from the reality of life, only generate problems and dissatisfaction for themselves. They neither understand the reason of so much suffering nor do they know how to overcome their difficulties, so they can find peace of mind.

Anguish would not exist if people knew how to think. As particles of the Intelligent Principle, they would travel more safely on the evolutionary path, as thought is vibration of the spirit, and the spirit is intelligence, it is creative and fulfilling power. The spirit impresses upon thought the very power with which it is endowed, it is responsible for whether humans experience good or bad times in their lives.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the mastery of thoughts is of fundamental importance for the individual to climb the steps of the evolutionary ladder and reach the highest level of spirituality. Therefore, good thoughts are open doors to higher classes of the worlds of spiritual training.

Thoughts run through the Earth’s fluidic atmosphere in all directions, affirms Christian Rationalism. Therefore, thoughts have the power to influence people, if they have the same affinities of ideas. Similarly, in the inferior astral act obsessional spirits who wander through this vibrational field, filled with imperfections and vices acquired in physical life, diverting away from a full existence of peace, security and discernment the unwary individuals who attract them.

Since 1910 we have worked hard to ensure that people attending meetings in public houses held in Christian Rationalist houses around the world understand what they are as Intelligent Principle and Matter, to lead their lives in this world of schooling with determination and security on the path of material prosperity, gauging the opportunities that bring concomitant spiritual growth.

Happiness presupposes health, peace and prosperity and is latent within people. So, each one can conquer one’s own happiness by putting oneself above life’s problems, not getting involved with bad news, distancing oneself from slanderous people, not letting oneself be impressed by everyday things by fulfilling one’s duties in an environment where elevated thoughts gravitate.

It is time for a deeper understanding of life, and this understanding comes with well-vibrated thoughts, such as those related to rationality, logic and reason, so that people aware of the good use of these spiritual attributes have perfect psychic balance, in which the point of equilibrium of the spiritual scales is solid: on one side the strengthening provided by the Superior Forces and, on the other side, the spiritual enlightenment provided by Christian Rationalism.

Antonio Cottas


The Practice of Spirituality Shows the Value of Each Person

All people are able to succeed in their endeavors. By using their innate willpower sincerely, they get to where they want to go. However, because they do not know the power of the will oriented towards the practice of goodness, many of them fail. For lack of self-confidence, self-esteem is weakened because of not believing in the spiritual strength they have within their innermost selves, and which would give them great personal satisfaction if it were put into action. Because they think themselves incapable, they do not fulfill what they promised to themselves in their worlds of training, for they are weakened souls.

The use of willpower helps people achieve their goals with greater ease. If their astral and physical composition is unknown, if they ignore the power of well-irradiated thinking and the capacity for conception oriented towards good achievements, they are lost on the path of material progress, without spiritual growth.

In studying spirituality and putting it into practice, the person truly shows his value, impelling not only intelligence as the master attribute of the spirit, but also other qualities, among them willpower associated with lucid thought, we insist. One puts aside materialized urges when one uses matter only as a resource used to achieve greater spiritual progress, avoiding annoyances, anxieties and depressions, circumstances that reveal psychic imbalance.

Who likes to live sad, bored, away from the people they love or what they like to do, we ask? The answer is very simple: no one. People who do not know how to put their willpower into action need to change their behavior, recognizing that they hinder not only their material progress but also, above all, that they harm their spiritual growth. The important thing in life is not just to get along well with family and friends, but also, principally, to feel very good with one’s own conscience.

Study Christian Rationalist philosophy in depth, for it shows the sheer reality of life, teaches people who do not know what to do during their existence to move in the direction of spirituality, putting its teachings into practice. We want to see them happy, joyful, putting into action their spiritual attributes and faculties, such as willpower and free will, always oriented with sincerity, honesty, dignity and value for the practice of goodness.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix