Reading of the Month – May 2022

Admire Those Who Succeed, but Be Certain, You Are Capable as Well

Human beings must give importance to their own lives, valuing their virtues and recognizing their flaws, but never comparing themselves with anyone else. Many people compare their lives with the lives of other people, and these comparisons almost always make most people unhappy.

The person who admires a relative, a friend, a co-worker because of the successes they have achieved, shows a feeling full of value, unlike the feeling devoid of greatness of the person who, for not believing in his own creative capacity, considers himself unhappy when comparing his failures with the victories of others.

People who attend public meetings of Christian Rationalist houses for the first time are oriented towards giving value to themselves, to their constructive nature, to pay close attention to what they hear, see and speak on a daily basis, always vigilant both to thoughts and feelings, in order to direct their actions and attitudes in an appropriate way.

Everyone, indistinctly, has their values: some more, others less, according to the degree of spiritual evolution they have already reached. People who have certain virtues and are therefore admired serve as an example to sympathizers of the successes they have achieved. This means that human beings are in this world of schooling to experience the situations necessary for the spiritual improvement planned in the respective planes of training.

If everyone has values that are conquered and that are yet to be conquered, why make comparisons with the behavior patterns of their peers? What matters is to be attentive to everyday facts, valuing yourself, even in small actions aimed at family members, friends, co-workers, or in the kind way of dealing with others when being helpful, understanding and tolerant, which are nothing more than small gestures of behavior that reveal great virtues.

If the helpful, understanding and tolerant person is virtuous because a fellow man knows he can count on him, there is no reason, therefore, for someone, if he goes through some kind of lack, to belittle himself because he thinks others are very happy in having a calmer life.

What matters in the lives of human beings is to have physical health, psychic balance and self-love. Look within yourself, value your qualities, because the feeling of personal dignity does not accept the individualistic behavior of only receiving and never giving.

Self-reflection makes it possible to evaluate the qualities that the person already has and the perception of values ​​that are still distant and need to be consolidated in the formation of a virtuous character. Therefore, improve natural attributes without worrying about the comparisons linked to anyone. The human being is a conscious individuality, an emanation of Universal Intelligence in a continuous process of spiritual evolution.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix