Reading of the Month – November 2019

Don’t Build Your Failure

Difficult times always exist in people’s lives. What matters is knowing how to face them with valor and courage, to overcome them all. If they are intimidated by the facts, their existence will be hopelessly lost. He who has no strength of mind builds his own failure.

Everything in life has its reason for being. Look for its rational explanation and you will find it in the tangle of ideas about events, always based on the assumption that there are a lot of wrong things due to people’s misuse of free will, because they are unaware of the fundamental principles of living in this world.

To strive, everyone strives, but few individuals know how to strive effectively. It is necessary to bravely face the difficulties that arise, but without losing serenity. Lack of tranquility of mind paves the way for defeat in the battles of life. Therefore, we always recommend that you have moderation and prudence in daily life, if you do not want to fail.

The world is full of surprises and disappointments, which spiritually enlightened people see as natural everyday things. Those who do not fight for their ideals lose their existence, we insist. The spirit comes to this world to triumph, and does so as often as is convenient for its evolution. There is, therefore, a great need for spiritual enlightenment. Only spirituality makes human beings able to fight and win in life.

Therefore, everyone must progress in evolution, that is what we sincerely desire. But in order to move forward, they should consult the books edited by the headquarters of Christian Rationalism, which teach how to do this. One thing is certain: without a fighting spirit, for lack of effort, what human beings can expect from existence is a succession of failures.

The philosophical foundations of Christian Rationalism exist to help people. They only advise what human effort can achieve. Unfortunately, most of the time, they are educated with false conceptions of life, which make them beg for protections to supposed heavenly deities, when in reality, everything that is reasonable in this world and within their reach, depends on themselves. Each person is responsible for their own evolution, because, according to the natural and unchanging evolutionary laws, no individual can do it for anyone else, because it is non-transferable work.

Therefore, it is necessary that people be enlightened, that they have knowledge of what spiritual life is. Thoughts toward the practice of goodness dispel discouragement. Moral despondency is a sign of psychic imbalance.

Striving for better days is a must for all. It is in striving that one wins in life. Strive for your goals, in order to be winners.

Luiz de Mattos


Sufferings Are Lessons of Life

Suffering must be serenely regarded as the natural lessons that life imposes on the inhabitants of the school-planet Earth. Many sufferings result from the application of evolutionary laws, such as the law of reincarnation, by involving relatives and friends when a person’s physical existence ends. Others are the consequence of the law of cause and effect, when the individual reaps, in due time, bad fruits because of the bad deeds he has sown during his life, and so many different examples we could give.

Christian Rationalism safely affirms that suffering represents opportunities for spiritual growth. Everything passes away in this world, for there is no anguish so overwhelming that it is eternal, there is no moral pain so great that cannot be overcome with time, there is no sadness so deep, as the death of a loved one, which cannot be replaced by the positive feeling of yearning, which brings out the beneficial coexistence that is gone, the good experiences enjoyed, the memory of the good everyday moments. Living on Earth can be very enjoyable and profitable, as long as you see the beauty of spirituality in all the things it offers to mankind.

Suffering can end or be minimized by the positive mental attitude of those who go through distressing situations. People who despair, become pessimistic, or cower in the face of difficulties, are psychically weakened by drawing in the evil spiritual influence in the fluidic atmosphere of the planet and receiving their intuitions of defeat. In this case, it is important for them to set aside moments of self-reflection about what hinders their thinking, weakens their will, and destabilizes their self-control, and then do daily psychic cleansing, disconnecting from all the material things that bind them to this world in order to attain, with their concentration on the meaning of the irradiations, higher planes of spirituality, receiving good intuitions from them as they strengthen themselves with the emanations of the Superior Forces.

It is essential that people follow the road of life with their heads high with elevated thoughts, discipline and method, exerting the power of will against vices of any kind, including slander, against, finally, the misconduct that they end up doing with which they incur more spiritual debts, as we often say, to be paid off in their present or future existences.

Negative thoughts can never help human beings to overcome their suffering, only positive ones. Notice how much humanity has progressed in material terms throughout history, the product of its slow but ever-increasing and continuous spiritual evolution, as has been happening with Christian Rationalism, which is expanding rapidly, whether it be with new Christian Rationalist houses and their new militants, or access to social media or with more frequent attendants at public meetings.

We can conclude that enlightened people vibrate their thoughts for the good of human beings in general, so that they also awaken to spirituality and understand what they are as particles of Universal Intelligence, because humanity progresses together, given the unfolding of world history up to the contemporary age. The aspects surrounding the transcendent conceptions of life on Earth are gradually unveiled by an increasing number of people, due to the daily work of the Superior Forces in the strengthening and enlightening of humankind, so that it becomes more spiritual, since each individual travels his own evolutionary path in line with his degree of spirituality.

Bearing in mind what we have clarified, we suggest that everyone grow in spirituality by studying Christian Rationalism. The problems of the physical world are small in front of the grandeur of the Universal Whole, in front of the potential attributes of the Intelligent Principle that every human being in evolution on this planet has in his spiritual essence, in the case that he enhances them in his daily life by utilizing the force he has in his innermost self for the benefit of himself and his fellow men.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix