Reading of the Month – September 2023

By the Will the Spirit Can Resume Its Project

The human being is a spirit possessing a physical body in continuous evolutionary experiences in the world of schooling Earth, as this planet is classified by Christian Rationalism, and carries in the subconscious a strong will to grow in spirituality in the existence that is in progress.

For this, the spirit makes careful planning in its astral plane of evolutionary internship, where it carefully evaluates all the actions it performed in its past existences, taking into account what good it built, the good it practiced, in short, the sum of virtues already conquered, as well as faults, injustices and other inappropriate attitudes that it also committed and form the set of misdeeds still pending elimination from the fluidic body.

Therefore, only in the plane of internship relative to its evolutionary level does the spirit reach full lucidity to correctly and precisely analyze everything it has already done in the experiences it went through on Earth, in order to decide for a new existence in a human body under the conditions that allow it to grow in evolution, making, for that, choices related to the family and the country in which its physical body will be born and the gender it will have, among other preferences that can lead it to success in the planned endeavor.

However, it is possible that the person does not remember the planning done in his spiritual internship plane due to the dense fluidic atmosphere of the Earth, deviating from the trajectory that would lead him to the intended evolutionary growth, although his objectives are registered in the fluidic body and can be accessed through constant self-reflection if he has good astral assistance.

Therefore, the human being can resume the path of spiritual evolution planned in the astral plane when he deviates from it due to misconduct in the physical plane, using the attribute of the will as a lever to achieve this end and the help of spiritually enlightened family and friends. Only the knowledge about the fluidic influences that surround him, the importance of the power of elevated thought and of discipline in living make psychic rebalancing possible and the retaking of the reins of life with valor and courage.

It is for these reasons, among many others, that we affirm that the study of spirituality is fundamental, especially that defended by Christian Rationalism in its concepts and principles, as well as the understanding of what the transcendent evolutionary laws are, among them that of multiple existences, that of attraction and that of cause and effect, and their convenient fulfillment.

But, for that, it is necessary that there be no loss of the precious time that everyone has, so that it may be reverted in the development of natural attributes and can be put into practice in the proper use of the spiritual faculty of free will. Christian Rationalism exists so that human beings can be strengthened, clarified and spiritualized through teachings that help to overcome the difficulties of everyday life.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix