Reading of the Month – April 2021

He Who Seeks Illusory Achievements and Gets Lost in Ambition Does Not Know How to Live

It is easy to see that many people do not know how to live. They walk along the road of life in the sway of unreasonable materiality as they greedily pursue illusory conquests. They compete with each other or contend for material goods, high positions of command or ephemeral financial, political and corporate power existing in the various sectors of organized society.

Those with intemperate ambition do not look at the means to obtain the ends. They use illicit measures to quickly and obstinately acquire the gains they pursue. In this obsessive voluptuousness, they become involved with moral vices, such as corruption and slander, and those that result in physical dependence, such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling and lust, which are so common in the environments they frequent, in which the commonplace is summed up in superficiality, exhibitionism and futility.

People with the unalterable desire to have everything they imagine and see are connected by thoughts to the currents of exacerbated materiality existing in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth. Spirits that proceeded in the same way in physical life move through these vibrational fields, forming cohesive groups that act with determination and without limits.

Behavior that lacks a sense of morality limits the ability of those who behave that way to reach higher spiritual levels. The limited view they have of life does not allow them to express their spiritual faculties and attributes aimed at doing good, as they misuse their free will and creative ability by engaging in terrible astral assistance.

Separated from the reality of spiritual life, the greedy continue their lives by accumulating as much as they can, until they fall into the void of having everything and being nothing, because they already carry in their hearts all sorts of evils, such as depression, anxiety, anguish and phobias of various types. They are psychic pictures that show that happiness is not in material achievements, but in spiritual values.

There is spiritual serenity that comes from fulfilling duties with honor and honesty and there is the fear of the discovery of various deceptions, misconduct and so many other moral blemishes that usually affect family members, especially one’s children, almost always maladjusted, either due to the absence of their parents, involved in transitory earthly pleasures, or raised away from the reality of life, the majority squandering, with the passing of years and little decency, that which has been saved up.

Only spiritual enlightenment gives human beings the scope of the responsibility that each one has in this world of schooling. And the Christian Rationalist philosophy greatly enlightens people who attend Christian Rationalist houses as schools of life. In the frequent attendance at public meetings and reading books published by the world headquarters of Christian Rationalism, the attendees broaden their horizon of the spiritual attributes of intelligence, reasoning, will and creative capacity, always focused on the practice of goodness.

Daily psychic cleansing recommended by Christian Rationalism associated with its principles form a complete set of spiritualist teachings and disciplinary practices at the disposal of people interested in growing spiritually and making material progress in a harmonious and balanced way.

It is important to point out that the irradiations of daily psychic cleaning at the recommended times, always preceded by fifteen minutes of self-reflection, form a strengthening vibrational current between the one irradiating on the physical plane and the superior forces in the astral plane, which leads to the success of the projects idealized and realized by exclusive personal merit.

Human beings link themselves to higher planes of spirituality by means of elevated thoughts and fraternal feelings. And everyone can achieve this yearning. It is enough to have willpower, because the will is the engine of aspirations and achievements.

Awaken to spirituality, grow in evolution, through study, reasoning, discipline and work. The human being is fully constituted by a spirit, a fluidic body and a physical body and is not in this world of schooling to acquire material things, values ​​that are without expression that remain on Earth, but to achieve greater evolution, a psychic wealth of authentic value and, consequently, is taken to the realm of one’s spiritual stage at the end of existence.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix