Reading of the Month – August 2021

Helping Those in Need Is Saying No to Selfishness

In the circumstance of evolving spirits, human beings have their own radiance impressed in the seriation of colors of their respective auric fields, revealing, according to the existing records in the fluidic body, the level of individual advancement resulting from the experiences they have undergone in previous existences and according to the use they have made and make of free will.

It is important to emphasize that people with a high evolutionary level do not always gain notoriety or are projected in the media. There are spirits of a very high degree of evolution that, in possession of a human body, choose to exist in environments that are adverse to their own processes of growth.

People with high evolutionary caliber have a great capacity to adapt to this physical world, because their fluidic bodies have already detached from the dense matter that satisfies the senses that are purely instinctual.

Human beings that are already disconnected from the voluptuousness that exacerbated materiality provokes achieve to lead a constructive life of work aimed at the common good. They seek to solve the problems experienced by needy communities in societies involved in crises of ethical and moral values. Because they know themselves as spirits in continuous evolution, they work not only for their own benefit, but, above all, for humanity as a spiritual whole that evolves together.

The examples of detachment in favor of others reveal the continual process of improving the innate attributes and spiritual faculties chosen in the internship planes for this character perfecting purpose in successive lifetimes on the physical plane. Thus, no one is inferior or superior to anyone, because everyone has spiritual qualities to be put into action for the benefit of themselves and their fellow men.

Therefore, everyone should look at the people around them, not to make unfounded criticisms of someone or to show envy in relation to what they say and do or to covet what they have, but to extend their welcoming hands to those who need them. It is an attitude that reveals the absence of vanity, envy and greed, which says no to selfishness or any other act that denotes individualism.

People in general will achieve greater material progress by exercising their professional activities with zeal and competence, effectively using the intellectual, artistic and scientific knowledge acquired. However, higher levels of spiritual evolution will only be reached with knowledge of spirituality.

The spiritual growth of human beings obeys, like the intellectual, a complexity of experiences, fulfilling stages in successive existences, in which the improvement of spiritual attributes, such as intelligence, reasoning and will, among many others, and of spiritual faculties, like that of free will, vocations and skills are an absolutely necessary part of the evolutionary process.

Having elevated thoughts and discipline in living, as well as knowing and making good use of the transcendent evolutionary laws greatly help people in everyday life in the schooling world that is Earth. Therefore, it is essential that everyone study the spirituality that Christian Rationalism defends, disseminates and practices in Christian Rationalist houses worldwide.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix