Reading of the Month – December 2019

Only Remember What Was Good

Many people live in the past, remembering only the bad things that happened to them, the events that led to trouble and setbacks. We are not saying that one should not remember the past, but it is better to revive one’s memory by remembering the good things that happened, remembering the great deeds, and those that leave yearning. If people mull over facts that have brought bitterness and disappointment, they will only attract more suffering to themselves.

Try to think of tomorrow positively, even though today was a day of good accomplishments. The saying goes that “tomorrow belongs to God,” but no! Tomorrow depends on the type of thought vibrated: if you lie down at night for the necessary strengthening sleep thinking that tomorrow will be bad, you can be sure that during the coming day all the bad that you imagined in your beds will happen, without even recovering the intended physical and spiritual energy, for the spirit and its fluidic body will not be able to transcend the denser layers of the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth, failing to regain the soul’s vigor that was spent in the day gone by.

Christian Rationalism exists to teach people to think, to reason, to have the willpower to do good, and not to carry on with unnecessary things in the daily struggle. No one is in this world to live only of pleasures, for it presents, so often, unpleasantness to unwary individuals. The teachings of the Christian Rationalist philosophy fill with courage those who attentively frequent Christian Rationalist houses, so that they confront and win their daily struggles, convinced that tomorrow the day will be much better than it was today.

The Superior Forces work intensely in the astral plane, wanting humans to progress materially and evolve spiritually on the physical plane. People who have a more spiritual view of life are happy, for they prosper in material terms evaluating the opportunities that bring simultaneous spiritual growth.

It is clear that it is very difficult for many peoples to live in harmony, because their rulers do not understand each other. Why is that? Lack of spirituality, which generates either unreasonable ambitions for those with greater resources or willful neglect with regard to those who are underprivileged. Therefore, do not let ambition, envy or belittling take control of your souls. Seek to irradiate to the Superior Forces, not asking for protection, but raising your thoughts, for, when well irradiated, they reach the higher planes of spirituality, receiving from them the intuitions you need.

It is said in Christian Rationalist houses that it is not enough to show up in them. There is no use, even to the most assiduous attendees at public meetings, if there is no interest in understanding what Christian Rationalism proposes to students of spirituality and those in need of restorative spiritual support. Christian Rationalism strengthens and enlightens people, whether by attending our houses and the personalized attention to the public, reading the books published by Headquarters and the A Razão newspaper, or participating in our own social media, always with the same purpose: the spiritualization of human beings.

So, keep these words well, especially first-time attendees and novice attendees participating in public meetings, because you will be benefiting yourselves and your families. You will learn to live with tranquility and spiritual strength in order to overcome daily struggles with greatness of soul.

Antonio Cottas


Study Spirituality

Christian Rationalism offers convincing elements for people who seek knowledge of spirituality, who seek to understand its importance in the context of life. With the study of spirituality, they soon realize that evolutionary laws are always present in everyday life.

Individuals who are unaware of the importance of natural and unchanging evolutionary laws also do not understand the anxieties they are going through, and which worry and distress them so much. Because they do not know themselves as Intelligent Principle and Matter, that is, because they ignore their astral and physical composition as conscious individualities, they do not value positive thinking and its beneficial force of attraction, which always produces something in favor of personal success and for those around them.

If people do not have knowledge of spiritual life, what is the importance of them knowing everything that refers to spirituality? They would have the answer by asking themselves what they are doing in this physical world or why they have to experience so many problems, not only their own, but those of their families and others alike. As they have not yet found adequate explanations, they suffer by deeming themselves unable to resolve their conflicts, both spiritually and materially. Hence arises the importance of the study of spirituality, especially when the theater of life shows only bad scenes, but which can be bettered by the power of positive thinking and the correct use of free will and evolutionary laws, as the Christian Rationalist road map proposes.

It is crucial that human beings recognize the importance of each person in the context of life. Having thoughts in tune with vibrations of well-being provided by good physical health, solving their problems as well as possible, or seeing their fellow men happy are aspirations that need spiritual strengthening. But how can they become spiritually strong and physically healthy? By frequently attending the public meetings of Christian Rationalist houses and enlightening themselves through the advice of the astral presidents, the explanations of the spiritual guides and the reading of the books published by the World Headquarters of Christian Rationalism, with willingness, however, to learn what the content of the works consulted reveals, not with a quick read, but with attention and criterion, enabling them to reflect on what they are reading and to motivate self-reflection, of great value to people in the systematic investigation of themselves.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix