Reading of the Month – January 2022

You Are Part of Universal Intelligence, a Spirit Evolving in a Physical Body

Countless human beings are completely unaware that they are emanations of Universal Intelligence, unaware that they are evolving spirits on Earth in possession of a physical body.

So how can these people be made to understand what evolution itself is and what the transcendent evolutionary laws are? Or that they turn to the enhancement of innate attributes and the correct use of spiritual faculties, since they are unaware of their astral and physical composition?

People who do not have the spiritual enlightenment that Christian Rationalism defends, disseminates and practices in Christian Rationalist houses usually live under the bias of materiality. They only seek immediate pleasures and, thus, try to obtain, always more and by any means, often dishonest, desires and material goods.

Still under the exclusive yoke of the materialist view of earthly living, there are people who seek to have social, intellectual or political projection and those who have a still lacking ability to reason about the things of life. With this kind of behavior or precarious spiritual improvement, they become unable to deal with adversity.

Precisely because they lack the spiritualist vision of the real purposes of life, a large part of humanity is unable to successfully face the natural difficulties of living, as are public calamities, of which a striking and regrettable example is the pandemic which the world faces right now.

Inappropriate behavior and lack of healthy interaction in relationships, added to excessive ambitions that only aim at illicit gains, even in the face of human misfortunes that they provoke, all this creates the sad pictures of moral misery that can be observed all around, because human beings far from spiritual enlightenment cannot think in a collective way. Because they are vain or selfish, they assume attitudes aimed solely at their illusory or petty interests.

People moved by vanity or selfishness are the same people who always want to impose their ideas, even if they are not prepared to give an opinion about what they say or criticize what is beneficially proposed without offering a better solution in return. For this reason, many follies are committed at the present time, in which the feeling of fear, despair and sadness on the one hand, and the desire for easy gain, on the other, plague so many people.

The inadequate thoughts and feelings resulting from radicalism create negative vibrational currents that penetrate and run through the Earth’s fluidic atmosphere, interfering with people’s reasoning, self-control and will. This makes it difficult or even prevents those scourged by setbacks to make coherent and correct decisions in order to overcome adversities.

So, we ask: how can situations of panic for some people and revolt for others be ended? And we answer: there is no other way out than the spiritual enlightenment provided by Christian Rationalism and, because of that, it is to be taken, tirelessly, everywhere.

Christian Rationalist philosophy should be made available to human beings in general, using Christian Rationalist houses worldwide and its own social media, either through the written word or through colloquial speech, as humanity needs its broad teachings to conduct itself in life with more successes than mistakes.

However, we cannot say that only negative things are seen at this time of living with a pandemic of infectious disease. Many actions of human solidarity were taken, such as the Brazilian example of going to the streets in large urban centers and distributing food, clothing, hygiene materials and other goods for immediate consumption among the homeless, even though the average level of poverty has increased globally, because of the events we have highlighted and the inadmissible ethnic, social, cultural and religious prejudices that exist around the world.

The state of material and spiritual deprivation in which the populations live calls Christian Rationalists to face-to-face work, whether they are members of its spiritualist militancy or regular assistants at public meetings held in Christian Rationalist houses, as they already satisfactorily know the concepts and principles of our philosophy of life and, for this reason, the Superior Forces also rely on them, because everyone knows very well how important they are when participating in our activities.

We cannot postpone for one minute more what must be done for the benefit of humanity. However, complying with the sanitary measures and legislation of each country in which our Houses are located, as well as the disciplinary rules for the holding of in-person and virtual public meetings established by World Headquarters are everyone’s obligations, so that the spiritualist and administrative actions occur with the necessary safety and efficiency.

Finally, we want to note and extol the determination, commitment and will, both of militants and assistants, in promoting the public meetings at a distance and participating in them during the several months in which they were held and to say that the Superior Forces, as they always do, work incessantly in order to strengthen, clarify and spiritualize human beings, whether in-person or virtually.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix