Reading of the Month – July 2019

Life Requires Comprehension

Humans are on planet-school Earth to learn to live. The school of life is the one that teaches best and from this learning they can not flee. Some learn faster while others are slower. But everyone knows, or should know that they always need to move forward, because spiritual evolution is continuous and regulated by evolutionary laws, from whose imperative norms people do not have the right to exempt themselves.

Life is full of difficulties and problems, which often cause suffering. Therefore, we say that the fight for survival is demanding, requiring from its participants great responsibility for their actions. No one can deviate from duties to be fulfilled, for the purpose of life is evolution, and spiritual evolution, as well as consequent material progress, require honest and continuous work. The goal of every human being must be achieved in the mold of sound morals by not infringing evolutionary laws and by complying with the laws that regulate well-formed societies.

Life also requires comprehension on the part of human beings. It is necessary that they understand the way of life of each one, so that misunderstandings can be avoided. This small but useful individual procedure avoids the major social upheavals motivating even wars between nations, all because of a lack of mutual understanding, honesty of intentions and ultimately, spirituality. Insofar as humanity does not understand that in Intelligent Principle and Matter life is summed up and explained in its broad and constructive aspect, they will always create situations difficult to be

To live harmoniously, it is necessary for people to enlighten themselves spiritually, because the awakening to spirituality gradually makes them show more understanding and tolerance with each other, making them valiant in giving good examples. There is much ignorance about life outside physical matter, hence it is so important to speak the spiritual truth that Christian Rationalism defends, disseminates and practices using words that touch the sensitivity of those who want to hear them. The awakening to spirituality resembles the dawn of a new life, in which the harmonious vibrations emanating from the superior astral planes shine forth.

As we stated at the outset, humans are on Earth to evolve spiritually. Some want to know the purpose of life, to know oneself as Intelligent Principle and Matter, although a good number do not know what this means, while others do not even think about understanding what they are, where they came from when they were born, and where they go when they die. We recognize that this is difficult to analyze and assimilate, but it also explains the reason as to why many are oblivious to the transcendent facts of life and few are interested in these metaphysical phenomena, whence we can conclude that thoughts and feelings, as well as human actions, are so different. What to some is ugly, to others is beautiful, what is good for the many, can be bad for the few. And that is the way mankind goes.

Christian Rationalism is directed towards human beings, so that they awaken to spirituality by re-educating thoughts and feelings. Being prudent, moderate, courageous and just, there will be greater comprehension and understanding among all. Each one following their course and seeking to live according to Christian Rationalist teachings, all will be aware that above all there is the spiritual force they have within themselves.

Luiz de Mattos


Control of Thoughts

It is always said in Christian Rationalist houses that thought is a spiritual force of great power. Thus, the power of thought leads people to both triumph and failure in life. The majority believes that thoughts are exclusively their own, are under their dominion, when, in reality, individual thoughts are linked to each other forming great vibrational fields, that can influence them benignly or not, depending, exclusively, on the affinities between them. Therefore, it is important for people to learn to control thoughts so that their positive content is conducive to spiritual evolution and material progress that all seek on this school planet. And this must occur in a satisfactory, correct and enjoyable way for each person day by day.

With good thoughts, people elevate spiritually, follow their lives in a smooth and balanced way, walk with physical health and psychic safety. Even in the difficult moments they go through, they make right and objective decisions, solving their problems satisfactorily. If they do not have control of thoughts, they end up diverging from the evolutionary objectives planned in the astral plane, suffering consequences that hinder existence in the physical plane.

But if they learn to control their thoughts, everything changes in their lives, because they are more prone to correctness, they give satisfaction to their own conscience, finding the way to success. So, good thoughts begin to flow with psychic cleansing recommended by Christian Rationalist discipline. By being psychically strengthened, those who irradiate will put their daily journey on course in a positive way, materializing their life projects with safety and accuracy. By practicing goodness, they build a promising way of life, for they are happy to follow the guidance of Christian Rationalism.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix