Reading of the Month – July 2020

Detach Yourselves from Beliefs

We recommend to spirituality scholars the attentive and reflective reading of the latest edition of the book entitled Christian Rationalism, so that they can understand their astral and physical composition, that is, a composite of force and matter or, even better, their simplified constitution: a spirit, a fluidic body and a physical body. The spirit is life, it is the manifestation of intelligence, it is creative and fulfilling power. Some are more evolved than others, and this depends on the big or small advantage they have taken from the innumerable existences in a human body, of which they themselves were the authors. It is in this world of schooling that the spirits of the dense, opaque and intermediate stage worlds make their evolution, and thus continue in their eternal evolutionary march through the diaphanous and pure light worlds.

With this circumstantial description of what human beings are and do on Earth, it is necessary, then, for everyone to understand life in its broad transcendent aspect, disconnecting from the age-old beliefs that cloud intelligence, paralyze reasoning, discourage the will, which, in short, hamper both material progress and spiritual evolution in the course of the struggle for life. Individuals who yield to this historic deception do nothing more than follow what has been instilled in their minds since childhood, and for that they have free will, which must be respected, even though they are often involved in endless suffering, either out of stubbornness or cowardice in accepting what is logical and enlightening, which is the use of reasoning to separate right from wrong in the meanders of daily life.

That said, we can affirm, with all conviction, that Christian Rationalism is a philosophy of life and Christian Rationalist houses are schools of life, as well as the happiness of saying that its teachings will go a long way, reaching thousands of people. We already have many students enrolled, some with great spiritual evolution. These have the duty of transmitting to other spirituality students our moral values ​​reflected in feelings of thoughtfulness, moderation and justice. Those who follow the spiritualist truth defended by Christian Rationalism understand life more easily in its broad and constructive aspect. That is how we are observing the spiritual evolution of humanity.

We do not want fanatics to follow Christian Rationalism. We want people who study, think, analyze, know what they want for their lives. It is what we expect from those who find Christian Rationalism to be a complete set of spiritualist teachings that transmit to them the knowledge of themselves. Accepted as the guiding directive of living on Earth, they must put it into practice in their daily lives. The spirit is not subjugated to matter, rather, the contrary. Because matter is the passive and moldable element, it is the spirit that radiates wisdom and is eager to know. And Christian Rationalism is the spiritualist philosophy that invites human beings to know more and more.

Luiz de Mattos


How Do You See the World?

There are several ways for human beings to see themselves as inhabitants of the Earth. If asking those who care about physical form what they do in this world, they will certainly place the human body among their priorities. If we ask, with the same objective, those who cultivate the intellect or focus on research, they will probably give primacy to intellectual, academic and investigative activities. If we ask people interested in the meaning of earthly life what they are and do on this planet, they will certainly say that they are evolving spirits in this world of schooling.

Those are responses that show the way people see their own lives, hence the Earth is a school planet, in which human beings learn from each other, as each one is in their own level of spiritual evolution, from which stand out either intellectual qualities, or physical, artistic, scientific, manual and many other skills revealed by human beings. However, we can highlight from this continuous evolutionary process those individuals who are interested in studies in the field of spirituality when looking for answers to their inquiries of a transcendent nature.

People who have already sparked their interest in metaphysical phenomena are the ones who are most advanced in spiritual evolution. They found the superior reason for earthly living by discovering themselves as emanations of Universal Intelligence. They know they are spiritual individuals and recognize the potential and limitations that their spiritual attributes and faculties reveal. For this reason, they do not allow themselves to be encompassed by ephemeral material attractions, since they are directed towards perennial spiritual values. Inner peace is the goal they seek to achieve.

The books published by the World Headquarters of Christian Rationalism help human beings to awaken to the spiritual reality of life. The essential literary work, entitled ‘Christian Rationalism’, is a code of conduct that outlines safe norms for a peaceful and productive life and is within the reach of anyone’s understanding. Since Christian Rationalism is a set of spiritualist teachings, spirituality scholars learn that the solution to human problems is within themselves. When their thoughts vibrate in an elevated and continuous way, the source of wisdom everyone has in a greater or lesser amount emerges from the subconscious. Correct use of free will, lucid reasoning, focused willpower towards the practice of goodness, psychic balance in the determination of the senses and control of impulses are spiritual tools indispensable to intended inner peace, the conquest of happiness as the expression of a peaceful conscience of having accomplished one’s duty.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix