Reading of the Month – June 2020

The Superior Astral coordinates activities in the Houses of Christian Rationalism

In any organization, whether public or private, for profit or not, there is a person responsible for its management and its purpose. He directs the work, assigns the servants and employees to positions and productive sectors according to their qualifications, so that the planned results are achieved.

This is also the case in Christian Rationalist houses, where their leaders have the responsibility of conducting, together with the directors and other militants, administrative activities, with a view to good management, and spiritualist activities, always with regard to assisting the Superior Forces in the cleansing of the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth and in the spiritualization of humanity.

In the astral plane something similar occurs because of its more diaphanous fluidic nature. Christian Rationalist houses are subject to the spiritual coordination of the Superior Astral pleiad and under the leadership of their astral president. Its actions in the physical plane reach the militants in general and, in particular, the leaders and directors of our Houses, as well as the president of Christian Rationalism and the members of the councils and directorates of the World Headquarters of Christian Rationalism.

Therefore, the spiritualistic and administrative activities carried out are not subject to chance. Their actions must be carried out with dedication and competence by those responsible, whilst being aware that the astral president of Christian Rationalism and the Superior Astral pleiad are attentive to effective administrative management, to the wide and always cautious disclosure of spirituality that Christian Rationalism defends with its principles and the strict compliance with its discipline.

In Christian Rationalist houses, people who attend public meetings, or who seek personalized attention, are suggested with alternatives for solving the problems of a material and spiritual nature they are experiencing. The material difficulties are mostly related to work, either due to the inability for the daily struggle that it requires, or because of friction between the bosses and employees, managers and subordinates. Work is at the heart of personal and universal life, as the Universe is an immeasurable workshop. Therefore, the individual must join the active action of Universal Intelligence through his methodical, disciplined and competent work, which will provide him with physical and psychological well-being. With this in mind, the broad problems of a material nature can be resolved to satisfaction.

As for the spiritual part, there is a disciplinary method, in force since the foundation of Christian Rationalism, which gives security and continuity to the system of which take part the Christian Rationalist houses worldwide and the ensemble of the members of the Superior Astral pleiad and of the militants in general. This unique method, the only one that has existed in this world of schooling for more than a century, is what guarantees the beneficial and broad assistance provided by the Superior Forces, with the spiritual strengthening that supports the psychic normalization of mentally disturbed people and the global cleansing it performs in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth.

Therefore, there are several activities carried out in our Houses, but with a single objective, which is to spiritualize humanity. It is through study, discipline and work that people become enlightened and achieve greater material progress and spiritual evolution.

Christian Rationalist houses are schools of spirituality, where books published by the World Headquarters are sources of enlightenment in the explanations of the counselors of public meetings. The spirituality defended by Christian Rationalism demands the presence of discipline in the interpretation of its principles. Discipline is a norm of rectitude and people who ignore discipline contradict evolutionary laws, they contribute, among other things, to the disorder of any job. And disciplined work strengthens, brings satisfaction, adds value, dignifies the character of human beings.

Therefore, attend the Christian Rationalist houses with assiduity if possible, study Christian Rationalism with interest, follow the daily discipline of psychic cleansing and understand that material progress achieved with honest, competent and productive work is a means of spiritual improvement, it is an instrument of mental balance and physical well-being, social equality and universal peace.

Antonio Cottas


Abandon Individualism

People experience many illusions. One of the greatest is that of individualism, a feeling related to the self of each one, a sense inherent in the body itself, which they think is something unique, when, in reality, the evolving human being on Earth is composed of a spirit, a fluidic body and a physical body, as explained by Christian Rationalism. They are unaware of the transcendent condition of being eternal and indivisible emanations of Universal Intelligence, whom they mostly call God. They do not know, therefore, that they are an evolving individual on this school planet. Therefore, they should not keep the individualist conduct in their subconscious.

Individualism leads human beings to selfishness and its derivations, such as excessive ambitions, rivalries that demean, arguments that offend. It is necessary that they replace these moral ills with solidarity, renunciation and fraternity, that they see their fellow men as individuals who have a spiritual essence identical to theirs and to Universal Intelligence.

The struggles that human beings have individually on Earth for survival are, therefore, identical. They are also collective struggles, as are the projects, the needs and the spiritual rescues of the components of a society. Being, as we said, emanations of Universal Intelligence, everyone has the same origin and seeks an equivalent evolutionary objective in the course of the multiple existences of the spirit in possession of a human body, from its conception to death with each passage through this world.

Therefore, struggling for the achievement of happiness is not just wanting a united family, having a good job, owning a good house and the car of the year, things that everyone has the right to achieve. It is much more than that: it is struggling for the well-being of mankind, for its cultural and intellectual
development, for the strength of its moral conduct and its spiritual progress, it is struggling, finally, for the set of social conditions that make collective happiness possible.

The more human beings vibrate their thoughts in a positive way, the more they demonstrate elevated feelings, fewer spirits will remain in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth in a disturbed state at the end of their physical existence, causing addictions, intuiting inappropriate behaviors, creating psychic imbalances in people that attract them with identical thoughts and feelings.

So, it is important that people do not get discouraged by the natural difficulties of this world, nor get involved with the illusions that exacerbated materiality offers to those who do not know the values ​​of spirituality. Raise your thoughts, reason, use spiritual attributes and faculties properly. Make daily psychic cleaning in homes a habit, to reject negative influences in everyday life. Staying psychically balanced, you will be able to make the right decisions and take responsibility for them.

Enlightenment enables human beings to make good use of free will in the struggle they undertake for their material progress and spiritual evolution, which, we insist, occurs in living with others through the exchange of experiences and learning. It is in this way that they can absorb the wisdom of Universal Intelligence as individualized spiritual emanations in the construction of a world without individualism; therefore, more caring and fraternal.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix