Reading of the Month – November 2020

With Work, Discipline and Effort Everything Is Possible

Everything in life depends on willpower. When the person wants, nothing is impossible.

Whoever decides to achieve progress will certainly achieve it. Wanting is power! These are motivating statements that bring in their content the following idea: in order to achieve something in life it is necessary to have discipline and work, effort and dedication. As the human being is an emanation of Universal Intelligence evolving on Earth, everything can be accomplished if he is well intentioned and knows how to deal with his limitations and his creative potential. Therefore, whoever wants to be useful to himself and to others will be, because he will find in himself the elements he needs to achieve what he wants, because the spirit, when it comes to this world of schooling, brings knowledge sufficiently adequate for its material progress and evolutionary growth.

Christian Rationalism is a spiritualist philosophy that spreads teachings and knowledge to all who want to follow the path of material prosperity and spiritual evolution with perseverance and willpower. People who don’t know

our philosophy of life should inform themselves about it and take what pleases and suits them from it. We are absolutely sure that the spiritual enlightenment resulting from one’s study is attainable by the well-oriented effort of each one, as there is much to do in this world and the human race is the maker of its progress as a realizing and transforming force for the improvements to be achieved for humanity.

Our greatest desire is that human beings spiritualize themselves, in order to avoid the ups and downs of daily living by thinking with elevation, valor and courage, as well-vibrated thinking is the basis of success and resistance to life’s setbacks. Spirituality is wealth that everyone can have, be it on a personal level, at home or at work. And nothing better to conquer this wealth than to attend Christian Rationalist houses, where the attendees of public meetings find the vibrational environment suitable for the rich awakening to spirituality, which will provide the happiness that everyone seeks and only finds in the fulfillment of duties well done.

Luiz de Mattos


Worldviews Depend on Spiritual Levels and Development

Due to the diversity of levels of spiritual development and the lack of clarification about transcendent phenomena, each human being sees life, his problems and difficulties with greater or lesser understanding. As one usually hears from the majority, people believe themselves mistreated by fate in the face of adversities that present themselves throughout their existence or victimize themselves in the face of adverse situations they face.

A good part of human beings are unaware of the spiritual reality that shows that each one has their own life’s purpose in this world, that the difficult situations that appear to them need to be faced with their feet planted in this real experience, unattached, therefore, to illusory golden dreams. Because they live outside of what is possible for them to do and have, that which is within the reach of each one, people feel incapacitated to face daily life, involving themselves in the dense fluidic atmosphere of sadness, anguish and depression.

See how important the knowledge of spiritual life is! The awakening to spirituality makes the person turn to themselves and perceive, when thinking correctly, the changes necessary for their evolutionary progress, seeing life with greater understanding, having greater tolerance with one’s fellowman when understanding the problems he goes through by putting himself in his place, as this capacity is lacking in most human beings.

Attending a Christian Rationalist house and attending a public meeting with attention to the spiritual activities carried out, represents the change that many people need to do in their lives by changing the inside of themselves. The strengthening provided by the fluids they receive from the Superior Forces facilitates the spiritual enlightenment they need, in order to recognize the necessary behavioral changes they need to make.

However, it is important to make it clear that in our Houses nothing is imposed on anyone. We give guidance and make suggestions to people who come to us asking for help of a psychic nature, but behavioral changes must come from themselves. Therefore, it is important to attend public meetings of Christian Rationalist houses as often as possible, to be spiritually strengthened and thus assimilate with greater ease the clarifications made by the guides of spiritualistic meetings and the teachings of their astral presidents. By putting into practice everything they learn, they will certainly have a better quality of life, resolving more easily the problems that always arise and finding an adequate solution for each difficulty they face.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix