Reading of the Month – October 2023

Optimism, the Key to Success

Without a doubt, optimism is a rational attitude to be practiced by human beings on a daily basis. How important it is for people to be willing to see the bright side of things, to have a favorable solution to the situations they go through, even the most difficult ones! How good it is to arrive in environments where optimism is present, as its fluidic lightness allows everyone to feel spiritual well-being!

Optimism combined with good humor opens the door to success, as it disarms defeatist thoughts and unfounded fears. Adopting such behavior in the family environment is of fundamental importance, as its members often arrive home very tired after an exhausting working day.

Fluidically dense nuclear families leave their members ill-humored and nervous. Nervousness, in turn, brings intolerance, irritation, recklessness, and these evils cause disagreements, making many people not feel like going home at the end of the day, going straight from work to places where there is smoking, alcohol, drugs or games, where conversations tend towards useless and reprehensible things.

Hence, it is important that people make their homes and workplaces fluidically light environments, where optimism and good humor contribute to individual and collective well-being. To do so, it is necessary for them to be aware of themselves by recognizing their potential, valuing the best in their personality, and their limitations, by noticing their own mistakes, as no one has just defects or just virtues.

Therefore, in order to lead a calmer life and to help in the formation of more fluidically diaphanous environments, it is essential that everyone make honest self-reflection a daily habit, discovering which natural spiritual attributes need to be improved in their character formation and evaluating whether their use of free will is always directed towards doing good.

According to the evolutionary law of attraction, elevated thoughts and feelings of well-wishing are connected to mental vibrations of equal value and intensity, forming positive vibrational fields and currents of the same nature that travel in all directions throughout the Earth’s fluidic atmosphere.

Thus, it is worthwhile for people to associate themselves on this physical plane with the vibrational currents linked to the higher planes of spirituality. But in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary that they change for the better whatever is necessary in their personality using the spiritual attribute of the will as the driving force of human aspirations and achievements.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix