Reading of the Month – April 2022

With Reasoning and Strong Will You Can Take the Reins of Life

Christian Rationalist teachings are of great value to human beings in view of the objective character of their spiritualist concepts and principles when they are put into practice in everyday life.

However, in its philosophical content, Christian Rationalism does not say what people should or should not do, what decision they need to make in the face of the natural difficulties they go through in this world of schooling, where everyone learns from the life lessons it offers. .

It is the teachings about the world of the transcendent, it is the understanding of its evolutionary laws that enable human beings to maintain the psychic balance necessary for the good use of spiritual attributes and faculties, so that good decisions are taken in facing and solving problems of life, because following the path of moderation, balance and justice is characteristic of those who have a well-formed character.

It is important to emphasize that no suffering is eternal. In life, everything passes, because the human being has the spiritual strength capable of solving all the adversities that he faces, as we said earlier. Overcoming the obstacles that life imposes on everyone is very important for the improvement of the personality during existence, which will never occur without effort, good will and, above all, a conscience spiritually enlightened by Christian Rationalism.

Furthermore, the Christian Rationalist philosophy helps people who, because they misused their free will, let themselves be seduced by the ever-passing attractions of exaggerated materiality, leading them back to the evolutionary path that their spirits planned in their respective astral planes of internship by following in the physical plane along the promising and comforting path of spirituality.

Therefore, be sure that you can face everything in this world when applying in your daily life the principles and discipline recommended by Christian Rationalism. These are principles that strengthen the spirit and rules of conduct that maintain psychic balance, so that, with lucid reasoning and strong will, you hold the reins of life with vigor, facing a promising future.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix