Reading of the Month – August 2019

Thinking Well Requires Learning

The pleiad of the Superior Astral, who coordinates in the astral plane the public meetings in Christian Rationalist houses worldwide, strengthens assistants with their beneficial fluids and gives clarification oriented towards practical life on the physical plane, taking advantage of spiritual phenomena that occur in the course of the work, such as the vibrational fields formed, the cleansing of the Earth’s fluidic atmosphere and the orientations of the astral presidents of each house, among other manifestations that illustrate the daily life of human beings in general.

There are people who believe they can hide their bad thoughts behind a hypothetical wall that they construct in their imagination, believing that they can liberate themselves from the harmful consequences they caused to themselves and to their fellowmen that they harmed with their bad actions.

Thought is everything in life, affirms Christian Rationalism. It is for this reason that at Christian Rationalist houses we put emphasis on well-irradiated and enlightened thinking. For this purpose, it is necessary for students of spirituality to understand the connections existing in the fluidic environment that surrounds the Earth.

Linkages of thoughts happen at the time of their issuance. Therefrom the thoughts merge immediately to analogous spiritual vibrations. So, to think is to attract. Unfortunately, how many people do not know how to think, because they do not exercise superior thinking, which is nothing more than self-control of the mind!

How their lives are transformed when the people who attend Christian Rationalist houses learn how to think! In making new spiritual connections through good thoughts, they abandon the old ones that harmed them. Daily life begins to change for the better, they come to understand how important are the practical teachings heard in our houses.

Indeed, it is vitally important to think well. But this is not achieved overnight. It requires removing from thoughts the links that are not interesting or that do not serve anyone. It also requires the study of Christian Rationalist literature and attendance at a Christian Rationalist house, assiduously if possible. When our spiritualistic teachings begin to be engraved in people’s subconscious, their lives gradually change for the better, we insist. Without spiritual enlightenment, living becomes a heavy burden of problems to be borne, for they do not know how to overcome their anguish and tribulation day after day.

Thus, Christian Rationalism is a spiritualist philosophy that teaches people how to walk the road of life in a practical, disciplined and secure way in this world full of problems created by humanity itself. As human beings become more spiritual, a lot of bad things will disappear from the face of the earth. This is what we want when the doors of Christian Rationalist houses open, that the attendants of public meetings be welcomed and that in them they seek and find strengthening and enlightenment that provides physical and psychic well-being, and that also helps so much in the achievement of individual and collective happiness.

Antonio Cottas


Without Vanity and Arrogance

Humility is a peculiar characteristic of spiritually evolved people. This virtue gives them greater tolerance, revealing their capacity to accept and understand human errors, recognizing even their own.

To be humble is to strip oneself of all the vanity and arrogance that makes people selfish, unable to reach out to the needy. Ruthless judges of the acts of others, they criticize everything and condemn everybody. If they are also overbearing, they are capable of violent acts, because they despise their fellowmen, losing respect for human life.

Humility that enhances character cannot be confused with subservience, which is a spiritual weakness. Humble people are not and do not feel inferior to anyone, because they know their real value, their ability of conception and realization oriented towards the common good, building a better world for themselves and the community.

The humble do not bow to anything or anyone. On the contrary, they mold themselves to circumstances, for they understand human imperfections in this world full of pomp and false appearances. This is why it is so important for people to fight against evil tendencies, to overcome them on this planet-school of learning and regeneration by awakening to spirituality and respecting the natural and unchanging laws of evolution.

As we said, human beings need modesty and simplicity without forgetting that there exists the false humble, those who inwardly deem themselves to be superior, although they deceive themselves, for they do not know the values ​​of spirituality. Everyone is on Earth to evolve spiritually, eliminating personality imperfections with determination.

Christian Rationalist philosophy is concerned with the spiritualization of human beings and each one has their contribution to make through disciplined living, the fulfillment of duties, good examples, and the practice of goodness. It is necessary to treat our fellowmen with respect and dignity, because all are evolving spirits in this world of schooling, all have something to learn and teach.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix