Reading of the Month – June 2021

Be Very Careful With Your Thoughts

At public meetings held in Christian Rationalist houses, attendees are guided to be careful with their way of thinking, since thought is a spiritual power that everyone has and spreads throughout the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth, becoming known by other spirits from the instant it is emitted by someone.

How can a person have the health that he wants so much when thinking only about diseases, for fear of contracting that of his neighbor, for example? How can you be successful in an enterprise, if you do not trust yourself, do not even believe in your creative capacity or even doubt your own willpower, to face the obstacles you encounter along the way, in order to achieve the desired success?

Due to the different degrees of spiritual evolution and the psychic balance they have, people think correctly or wrongly in the face of the events they are going through. Thinking in a negative way is much more common than in an elevated way, especially on the part of the most sensitive, when they capture and allow themselves to be governed by impulses and influences from spirits detached from physical matter that remain in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth, forming overwhelming vibrational currents that intersect in all directions.

This sad reality reveals the reason why people, for lack of spiritual enlightenment, harbor hatred, envy and malice within themselves, cultivate a bad mood, carry frustrations, are envious, unjust and ungrateful in relationships. Thoughts and feelings of such a perverse nature harm physical health and upset psychic balance, they are pernicious germs and destroyers of true friendships.

How can negative thoughts be fought, we ask, especially those vibrated by people with more pronounced mediumistic sensitivity? And we answer: with positive thoughts, use of free will towards the practice of goodness and continuous improvement of character, through the development of characteristics favorable to the emergence of a spiritually balanced personality.

This fight does not always bring immediate victories, even if self-confidence says that everything will work out. If this happens, they should not give up, but, on the contrary, continue to insist, using the spiritual attribute of the will as the powerful engine of idealizations and achievements.

For that, we advise the study of Christian Rationalism, the philosophy of life that teaches people how to establish a harmonious coexistence with each other. As they get clarified, they also become stronger spiritually. They will clearly perceive the spiritual vibration that emerges from within themselves, facilitating the overcoming of difficulties that before they considered difficult to solve.

Bad thoughts must be driven away by good thoughts. It is very important to be aware of the value of thought, because, when it is well vibrated, it protects the emitter from negative influences existing in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth. Put into practice our guidance by behaviors which are made known by the firmness and rectitude of character with which you proceed in your daily lives.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix