Reading of the Month – June 2022

With Discipline, You Can Overcome All Adversity

Having discipline is fundamental in the life of human beings. A disciplined person is not only someone who is considered punctual in the commitments he assumes. He also needs to be polite to his peers, have a sense of hierarchy and comply with the norms established in the social environment in which he lives.

The disciplined human being is calm, serene, strong in spirit. Because he has these qualities, he is able to face everything in life, as he knows how to organize the time available to fulfill his obligations and other activities, keeping himself equidistant from the extremes that reveal emotional instability by acting with moderation, ponderation, courage and justice.

Therefore, the disciplined person has certain hours of the day for everything: working, resting the physical body and reinvigorating the fluidic body, dedicating himself to cultural leisure and qualitative study, as well as self-reflection, an occasion in which he analyzes thoughts, feelings and actions by looking within himself, eliminating from his personality procedures considered inadequate.

A disciplined human being has good spiritual assistance, as he knows how to distance himself from being rushed and flustered, which would normally lead him to not focus or reason clearly about problems he may face, making mistakes if he does not make good decisions.

So, how does one lessen or even avoid the natural difficulties of life, we ask? Our answer suggests recommendations that can be easily followed if there is commitment and consistency on the part of people, as it is necessary to discipline thoughts and feelings, control actions and exercise the will always focused on the practice of goodness. Those who proceed in this way become spiritually strong, removing themselves from the negative vibrational currents existing in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth, they face and overcome the setbacks so common on this physical plane.

Setbacks, who doesn’t have them? Adversities usually happen due to people’s lack of knowledge, understanding and compliance with the evolutionary law of cause and effect, because this transcendent law is closely related to the multiple experiences of spirits on Earth via the possession of physical bodies.

If the law of cause and effect is not exclusively related to the ongoing existence of a person, it is also easy for him to understand that, if the suffering he is going through has no apparent reason which justifies it, its cause certainly occurred at some point in his trajectory as an evolving spirit in past lives. However, this person has all the spiritual resources necessary to face and overcome any adversity, as long as he puts them into practice with discipline.

Therefore, face and solve life’s problems with natural discipline. To this end, study spiritualism through books with well-written content. Christian Rationalism has literary works with valuable spiritualist teachings. The World Headquarters has a magnificent collection in its library and a group of people qualified to guide readers in what is necessary to understand the transcendent facts of life, since reading unreliable sources harms more than helps the knowledge of physical and psychic phenomena.

Mystical ideas, thoughts and feelings of adoration, the veneration of abstract things, miracles, salvation and forgiveness of wrongdoings are characteristic of those who do not know that the future happens according to the acts performed in the present by the use they give to their free will, be it focused on the practice of goodness or on unworthy actions.

Therefore, open the doors of spirituality without wasting time. Divine predestination or implacable and cruel destinies do not exist. Take advantage of your existence fighting against bad habits and imperfections, because life is not just about ease and pleasures, but above all about challenges that must be overcome, so that there be personal growth resulting from the daily effort to eliminate from your personality the habits that are harmful to your ethical and moral improvement.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix