Reading of the Month – March 2020

Know Yourself as Force and Matter

The greatest happiness that a human being can have in this world is to know himself as force and matter, because force, in its transcendent aspect, is immaterial, active and transforming, while matter is the passive and moldable element. With this knowledge, his material progress and spiritual evolution will be easier.

Why is the world so personalistic and confused, we ask? It is the ignorance that human beings have about spirituality, since most of them only long for material goods, they want to have everything they see, even if it is difficult to obtain, as proven by personal indebtedness. The indolent are opposite examples, because they are always waiting for what they need to survive to fall into their laps.

Christian Rationalism teaches human beings to live, and in order to live well, they must study, as there is much to know and do in this world. The natural and immutable evolutionary laws encourage individuals who want to be something in life to fight, and a lot. Those who think with elevation and use reasoning gain greater experience, perceiving the beneficial intuitions that come from the superior planes of spirituality.

Try to reflect on what you read about Christian Rationalism, to understand not only its philosophical basis, which is force and matter, but its contemporary concept as a philosophy of life that strengthens, enlightens and spiritualizes human beings, without forgetting that the theoretical aspects of spirituality are worthless if you do not put this knowledge into action in everyday life.

In order to feel at ease with yourselves, it is important that you seek to know your mistakes in order to correct yourselves, as the transcendent laws do not stop working continuously, especially that of attraction and that of cause and effect. It is with great sadness that we observe a large part of human beings going downhill in life, due to being subjected to mysticism, to false promises, to useless pardons in an attempt to escape from faults committed, for none of this exists in the spiritual plane.

Christian Rationalism is a simple and objective spiritualist philosophy, within the reach of everyone’s understanding, as it is explained in easy to understand language in the books published by its worldwide headquarters. In the Christian Rationalist houses true classes of life are given to the assistants of their public meetings, who come out of them spiritually strengthened by the beneficial fluids of the superior forces and sprinkled by them during the psychic cleansing that everyone goes through and feels in the innermost of their soul.

The phenomena of life are repeated daily, without many novelties, if they are observed from the spiritual side. But how many sufferings they produce, how many setbacks happen due to the misuse of free will! Unfortunately, people, in general, think and act wrongly. Hence the importance of knowing the principles of Christian Rationalism and its healthy practice of daily psychic cleansing.

Put yourselves in a position to receive spiritual strengthening and enlightenment by attending public meetings of Christian Rationalist houses, where everyone deserves respect and consideration. With the teachings received, you will be more sensible, moderate, thoughtful and just people, therefore, more spiritualized, ready to achieve the happiness you seek.

Luiz de Mattos


Overvaluing the Material Side of Life Brings Damage to the Soul

Many people harbor countless fears. They fear not being accepted by others or outperformed in their professional, social and even cultural positions by not becoming competitive. They fear the judgment of others and the banal facts of everyday life, the result of superstitions that were instilled in their mind from an early age. Some manifest varied phobias, such as fear of heights, of a dark place, of an environment full of people and so many other totally meaningless things.

Human insecurity is a consequence of the lack of spiritual enlightenment, that makes a good part of people, when they turn exclusively to the material side of life, get involved with events that cause depression, anguish, anxiety. Because of this consequent spiritual weakening, they create in their minds images of a future of defeats and failures. With so many negative thoughts, they become easy prey for spirits that roam the inferior astral, becoming intuited by them in most cases.

So, we advise people to enlighten themselves spiritually, recognizing their astral and physical composition. As emanations from Universal Intelligence animating a physical body, all have powerful spiritual attributes capable of generating the inner strength needed to react to the natural difficulties of this world. Thoughts of defeat also lead to spiritual weakness and consequently physical illness. Worthy thoughts and dignified conduct are self-protection that attract good influences from the superior planes of spirituality.

Enlightened people practice psychic cleaning daily in their homes, so that, spiritually strengthened, they can reason clearly about themselves, perfecting their character, reshaping their habits by turning away from those that are harmful to the physical body and the spirit, such as vices of any kind, including those of slander and gossip, in order to take advantage of their existence. Studying spirituality, they will have the peaceful life that elevated thoughts provide, because peace of mind comes from the conscious fulfillment of assumed duties.

Of course, in the Christian Rationalist concept, the so-called material life, the people’s day-to-day struggle for survival, must be faced with commitment, dedication and perseverance, to make constant progress, but without forgetting that it must be subordinated to spiritualistic principles, because human beings are not in this world to obtain material goods, but to achieve greater spiritual evolution.

Realize, then, that human interrelationship is a great opportunity for learning and improvement both in material progress and in spiritual evolution. Do not waste, then, the precious and short time of an existence, always remember that everything that happens on the physical plane is in conformity with evolutionary laws, including the planning made in the astral plane by the spirit for its experience in a human body.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix