Reading of the Month – May 2019

Against Bad Results, Exercise Prudence

What is lacking for human beings is guidance of a spiritual nature, for reason and rationality must prevail in actions that require common sense. The great misfortunes that they go through result from carelessness in dealing with the serious things of daily life. And in order to get their lives on the right course, it is necessary that they have order and discipline.

Christian Rationalism as a philosophy of life recommends having a lot of discipline to people that follow its standards of conduct, with established hours for work and the fulfilment of obligations, dedication to necessary leisure, to invigorate the body and the spirit during daily sleep and to do psychic cleansing in the morning and at night, without neglecting proper nourishment.

Carelessness always brings bad results. Therefore, people should have prudence in all acts of life. Preserving one’s physical body is important as it is a delicate organic machine conceived by Universal Intelligence, to be treated with respect and affection. Consequently, respecting oneself includes appropriate care in maintaining physical and mental health. It is necessary that they maintain daily hygiene for the physical body, so that the spirit can irradiate it by means of a strengthened fluidic body by psychic cleansing. Hence, it is relatively easy for people to have a normal life, it is enough, in this respect, to have discipline and to fulfill one’s duties.

Christian Rationalism is a spiritualistic philosophy that teaches people to live in this world of schooling with intelligence by applying the knowledge they have assimilated. Frequent attendance at public meetings held in Christian Rationalist houses strengthens, clarifies and spiritualizes those who are concerned about living with wisdom, who seek to be teachers of themselves by choosing that which does good to the soul, moving themselves away from anything that could harm peace at home, at work and in society. If humans use the formula for well-being prescribed by Christian Rationalism they will understand each other with respect and spiritual love, avoiding carelessness of any kind.

Luiz de Mattos


Avoid Bad Thoughts

We have always pointed out that it is a duty of a spiritual nature for people to strive, with the strength of which they are capable, against negative thoughts and bad feelings, most of which are revealed by behaviors and actions that provoke conflicts and cause physical and moral ills. Because of the enormous scope of our guidelines, we will focus on conduct commonly observed among humans with intense relationship clashes, such as those that are generated by egocentric behavior.

Selfish people are individualistic by definition, they find themselves superior to others. Apart from the reality around them, they have a narrow view of life, because they see only their immoderate yearnings. Unable to see what is around them, they are insensitive to the needs of their fellow men, they do not reach out to the needy. Therefore, they are in constant contact with obsessional forces that had similar behavior in physical life and that remain in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth.

Often selfishness is associated with authoritarianism and this trait of personality of a person is expressed in several ways: he wants his opinions to prevail over the way of thinking of the interlocutor, does not agree to share anything with anyone, can not give himself to anything because he feels that he will lose something of himself with a gesture that is considered generous. He acts in bad faith, for he who helps his fellow man loses nothing. On the contrary, he only gains in spiritual progress.

When the egocentric and authoritarian behavior is associated with the weak character of the individual, a sad picture of moral indigence is revealed: dishonesty, unlawfulness, injustice. He uses everything that is dishonest to get what he wants to the detriment of others, especially when he has a profession or holds a position that requires being in the public eye. This lack of circumspection results from poor orientation in personality development and prevents this kind of person from fulfilling his real duties. Thus, he accumulates errors considered as spiritual offences in the astral field and is proportional to the harm produced in the physical plane.

It is up to the spiritually enlightened persons, good natured, with a well-forged character, to fight against these negative vibratory currents, by means of elevated thoughts and feelings of well-being, of solidarity and fraternity towards one’s fellow man. We consider correct those parents that educate their children in the light of spirituality, so that they do not behave selfishly from childhood, thus, forming citizens who will fight for a better world, for greater equality among peoples, for a more psychically balanced humanity.

All people have a small contribution to give in the shaping of a world that is less aggressive and intolerant, more just and understanding. This can be achieved by means of specific initiatives of great value, such as the good examples observed around and about, or in a way that is rectilinear, fair, egalitarian and honest revealed in everyday acts. These are attitudes that feed positive vibratory currents moving through the atmosphere of the Earth, forming fluidic barriers that nullify the effects of existing evil forces.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix