Reading of the Month – May 2020

Christian Rationalism orientates: be honest, dignified and industrious workers

Christian Rationalism is a philosophy of life that, due to its spiritually enlightening content, invites human beings to study transcendent things and to work, due to the struggle that everyone undertakes for survival. The Christian Rationalist philosophy affirms that honest and productive work, when given constancy and due value, enriches the material heritage and dignifies the moral conduct of the worker. Thus, everything depends on it, in order to achieve the spiritual growth that supports the success of any conceived undertaking.

Therefore, we will continue to affirm that the individual is the exclusive master of his will. If you know how to put into practice the knowledge provided by Christian Rationalism and through daily struggle seek personal and family sustenance, a struggle that, we are not tired of saying, is aimed at human beings in spiritual evolution on Earth, everything will come out well. But, unfortunately, individuals do not always know how to fight, because to fight is to put into practice reason and will focused only on good achievements. Hence the importance of Christian Rationalist houses opening their doors to attendees of public meetings, guiding them towards being honest, dignified and hardworking workers, since work is a human need that produces physical and spiritual well-being.

The good observer of the reality of life knows that there is something superior to the physical body. He feels that he is moved by some transcendent force, which gives him life. Whoever does not hold in their innermost self the understanding of their astral and physical composition, sooner or later, fails in their material progress and spiritual growth, for not knowing the natural and immutable evolutionary laws. However, the reason for the transcendent virtues is clearly stated by Christian Rationalism, which gathers spiritualist knowledge that has long been disseminated in an increasing number of Christian Rationalist houses, clearly solidifying from generation to generation.

So, it can be said that there is a transcendent force to actuate matter, which is, by its nature, passive and moldable. Therefore, in force and matter, life is summarized and explained its broad and constructive aspect. Therefore, the time has come for humanity to know the spiritualist truth defended by Christian Rationalism even more because physical and psychic phenomena are present everywhere. For this, it is essential that the Christian Rationalist philosophy is seen as a spiritual beam of light, an illuminating beacon available to people, in order for them to understand the raison d’être of everything that happens to them in life. They all go through difficult times and need to feel that there is something new in their spiritual horizon, so that they break away from mysticism, beliefs and everything that has been instilled in their minds since they were born.

Because of this, it is important that parents teach their children knowledge of a spiritualistic nature appropriate to their understanding and level of education as they age. From a young age, they need to be aware of duties to be performed and the importance of discipline, such as putting their toys away before going to sleep, in the same way that in youth they need to love their parents and other family members, respect their peers, especially the older ones, because where there is no respect there is no sincere and lasting friendship. Upon reaching the age of reason, there is nothing better for them than reading the Christian Rationalist literature, which will give them an understanding that work is something capable of continually expanding the limits of evolution due to its cultural importance and moral essence, a concept that goes far beyond fair and deserved remuneration.

Living is not something temporary and meaningless, but an evolutionary need that requires study, discipline and work. Each existence of the spirit in possession of a human body on the physical plane is of fundamental importance for its eternal evolution in the astral plane. Therefore, walk carefully and safely along the road of evolution that you chose to take on the planet-school Earth, where you can learn the most varied life lessons.

Luiz de Mattos


Christian Rationalism Explains Spiritualistic Truth

Since antiquity, religions have always used in their doctrinal truths a language full of accounts from crowds who witnessed existential phenomena attributed to individuals chosen by some creator, in order to carry out the so-called designs of divine providence. These events preserve, up to now, certain religious precepts, such as venerations, dogmas, requests, protections and pardons, in addition to punishments imposed on those who transgress the celestial laws or the like. These are convenient judgments for people who have the power to influence adherents of various beliefs and reinforce their ability to dominate the spiritually fragile masses. We can say that it is a heritage passed down through generations since the beginning of human civilization and is rooted in the collective unconscious.

Highly evolved spirits have come and will always come to Earth to propel humanity to a higher level of evolution, wresting individuals unaware of the transcendent aspects of life from indifference. This implies breaking existing models, be they religious or not. It is true that some of these highly spiritualized beings were misunderstood, as they went against the circumstances that existed at each period, although it is also opportune to say that humanity’s spiritual evolution over the centuries is clear, albeit slow.

Only more recently have human beings begun to wake up to spirituality, to take an interest in the transcendent world by questioning religious dogmas and myths in their reflections and looking for appropriate answers in implements capable of showing them the reality of life. Christian Rationalism is one of those implements, on which we shall dwell, for having presided over this spiritualist philosophy in the physical plane and being the current president in the astral plane.

What is Christian Rationalism’s commitment to human beings in general, we ask? To explain the spiritualistic truth that our philosophy of life defends and the Christian Rationalist houses disseminate and practice, we answer. It is our obligation to explain to people what the natural and immutable evolutionary laws are that govern the Universal Whole, so that they remove from their mind ingrained ideas, such as threats of punishment, occurrences of miracles, pleas for forgiveness and protection, because none of these exist. Protection and everything else they need is within themselves, as they attract or repel the strengthening fluids of the superior forces according to how they think, act and use their free will. But, in order to attract these good fluids, it is necessary that they study the books published by the World Headquarters of Christian Rationalism, do daily psychic cleansing in their homes, have discipline in living and pleasure for work, since study, discipline and work are pillars of spirituality.

Using the sensitivity that everyone has to realize that there is something beyond physical matter, something that incites the human body, that gives it life as an emanation of Universal Intelligence, namely, the spirit and its creative and fulfilling power, is to encounter the philosophical basis of Christian Rationalism: force and matter, which explains life in its broad and constructive aspect.

The person who intelligently develops the attributes of reasoning, will and self-control, among so many others, that uses the faculties of free will and professional vocations in a responsible manner will reveal a character forged in these moral qualities.

The individual who has his character matured by the harmonious result of the improvement of spiritual attributes and faculties can only do good, helping others without prejudice and discrimination, because he is aware that human beings are not perfect: they make mistakes and get things right, they teach and learn in this world of schooling.

That said, do not waste time. Adequately use the precious opportunity that represents a well-lived existence. Each stage of the long and slow evolutionary trajectory of the spirit requires a lot of determination, understanding and renunciation from people, because they are always subject to the good and bad influences of the physical world, to the positive and negative vibrations existing in the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth. Depending on the bad or good quality of your thoughts and feelings, you can repel the bad influence of spirits from the inferior astral and attract the strengthening assistance of spirits from the superior astral.

Therefore, wake up to spirituality by following Christian Rationalist principles, avail your stay on Earth and its precious teachings as a school of life.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix