Reading of the Month – November 2021

Christian Rationalism: Offers Free of Charge

Christian Rationalism explains the spiritualist truth that it defends with its concepts and principles. Nothing is asked nor is anything imposed on anyone. But, from students of spirituality, it is expected that they will progress in their research, to reach their own conclusions.

People who come into contact with Christian Rationalism — whether by visiting a Christian Rationalist house, by reading the books published by its World Headquarters, by listening to the radio and reading the newspaper A Razão, or by using any other means of communication, for example social media — must observe everything carefully, analyzing with serenity and discretion the particularities of the Christian Rationalist philosophy and of its own and unique disciplinary method to be followed in their daily practice.

We defend the need for spiritual clarification, as we are absolutely sure that most human beings are unaware of the importance of the transcendent evolutionary laws in their lives, especially the law of attraction, always present in everyone’s daily life and in the spiritual activities carried out in Christian Rationalist houses worldwide.

If we think it reasonable for people to analyze Christian Rationalism with lucidity of reasoning and drawing their own conclusions, we also find it convenient for public meeting attendees, especially those who come to one of our houses for the first time, to pay close attention to their peaceful and welcoming environment, in the feeling of spiritual peace that each person’s capacity for perception will reveal during the spiritualistic activities carried out in them.

However, we emphasize that, in the school of life, study is not limited to the learning that good books offer. It includes the study of the individuality of human beings, their personality, tendencies and habits rooted in the subconscious, so that imperfections can surface and be eliminated from the fluidic body, as taught in Christian Rationalist houses, esteemed schools of spirituality; and spirituality is the essence of life.

Enlightened people know how to deal with the spiritual tools they carry: their attributes and their faculties. They overcome the adversities they go through with greater ease, live with their fellow men with better understanding and more tolerance, use their willpower to do good.

Those who are able to travel the road of evolution in a balanced way, despite the aridity of spirituality observed in various parts, make the most of life. The study of spiritualism defended and disseminated by Christian Rationalism is capable of making fertile the still obscure meanders of this immense evolutionary journey.

Humberto Rodrigues

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix