Reading of the Month – September 2022

Don’t Miss the Opportunities That Are Offered for You to Be Happy

Ignorance of spiritual life leads human beings to disbelieve that they can be happy. Many worry about their problems because they don’t have confidence in themselves to solve them satisfactorily, they don’t see fun in everyday life because they don’t realize that life calls for study, reasoning, discipline and work at any stage of existence.

It is not because the person has reached the stage of old age, and finds that he no longer has the courage to change his way of life, that the person is automatically unable to perform activities appropriate to the natural wear and tear of what is physical.

It is sad to observe that many people think that only those who consider themselves to be very lucky are happy, as if luck, misfortune or fate existed. They don’t realize that life is made up of good opportunities at any time.

The moment people become interested in the study of spirituality, people start to see life differently, as they learn to trust themselves by discovering the inner strength they have if they value thinking used in useful things.

The knowledge of spirituality is expanded when the human being actually starts to understand what is best for his life, acting with consideration, serenity, justice and courage in the firm purpose of doing good.

For this reason, we always invite everyone to enlighten themselves spiritually by studying Christian Rationalism in a reflective and disciplined way, so that they understand the reasons for the difficulties they experience when confronted with the transcendent evolutionary laws that govern the Universal Whole and can give every problem that appears the best possible solution.

People can be happy without having to meet the illusory invitations of a materialistic nature so common in the contemporary world, as most of them think that happiness lies in traveling anywhere, buying everything they see or participating in all festive events to which they are invited.

However, happiness is nothing like that, because it is within each person and is externalized by not harming anyone with inappropriate thoughts and acts, by doing good, making others happy as well.

Therefore, the happiness that people seek so much is in the clear conscience of a duty well done. But in order to conquer it, it is necessary to have confidence in yourselves, making use of the strength of spirit that everyone has in facing and overcoming the difficulties of life.

Translation by Andreas Saint-Prix